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Incremental Encoders


Cost effective POSITAL Incremental Rotary Encoders for accurate positioning

Many applications require a simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning. Incremental rotary encoders generate an output signal each time the shaft rotates a certain angle. The number of signals (pulses) per turn defines the resolution of the device. The incremental encoder does not output an absolute position, which makes the internal components of the encoder much simpler and more economical.

  • Syncro, Clamp, Hollow and Square Flange Design
  • Available with Flange Sizes 36, 42 and 58 mm Ø
  • Programmable HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422) Interface
  • Optional Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Housings
  • Large Variety of Cable and Connector Types

Why POSITAL Encoders ?

POSITAL incremental rotary encoders feature a unique combination of high performance and rugged durability. They are available in a large variety of mechanical designs and have a programming interface for maximum versatility. POSITAL encoders feature industry-leading signal quality to ensure very reliable process control.

programmable_1 magnetic_compass2
Programmable Features
POSITAL incremental encoders are fully programmable: resolution (PPR) can be set anywhere from one to 16,384 pulses per turn, pulse direction and the output driver – Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) – can be defined through software parameters.
Magnetic Technology
Meeting the high performance of an optical encoder, but providing much smaller size, IXARC magnetic encoders can withstand high shock and vibration conditions. Their battery- and gear-free design allow for a much longer lifetime without maintenance.

About Us

POSITAL developed an advanced manufacturing and order fulfilment system that embraces 21st Century technologies. With this system in place, POSITAL has been able to achieve “mass customization”.

This is how POSITAL Combines the Cost Efficiency and Variety of Scaled Manufacturing with the Flexibility and Accuracy of Specialized Projects.

Posital is a market-leading enterprise that makes use of advanced product design and manufacturing process to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of technology leadership, choice, product quality and competitive prices.

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