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Wiegand Sensors

Energy Harvesting — Self-Powered Magnetic Sensing

POSITAL’s Wiegand sensors offer self-powered, bipolar magnetic sensing, providing consistent pulses every time external field polarity switches.

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A single pulse can provide energy for ultra-low power electronics or a trigger to ‘wake-up’ intermittently powered electronic circuits, Successive pulses can be stored to offset the energy demand of low-power circuits.

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Applications can even integrate both magnetic sensing and energy harnessing - using the pulse energy for power ultra-low power circuits which use the timing of the pulses to perform tasks (e.g. count event data).

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Unique Characteristics

  • Non Contact Electromagnetic Harvesting (Zero Mechanical Wear)

There is no mechanical connection between the triggering field and energy harvesting device and therefore no mechanical wear.

  • 'Magnetic event' Triggered Energy Pulses

Due to the inherent hysteresis of the Wiegand wire, pulses are triggered when the magnetic field strength reaches a threshold.

  • Consistent Pulse Energy

A consistent pulse energy level is induced, even at extremely low frequencies of magnetic field change while additional inductive effects at higher frequencies result in higher pulse energy.

  • Millions of Pulse Events with no Reduction in Energy

Even after millions of polarity switching events, the pulse energy levels remain consistent.

  • High Pulse Triggering Frequency Limit

Unlike many mechanical event-triggered sensors, triggering events can be differentiated at frequencies over 30kHz.

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POSITAL - The Wiegand Experts

Since 2006, POSITAL have been successfully implementing Wiegand technology into rotary encoders. In 2012, the main supplier of Wiegand wire in the world at that time discontinued their wire production. POSITAL completed the purchase of two wire production lines, technical documentation and expert consultation contracts from them in 2013. Shortly after, the Wiegand Technology Centre was opened in Aachen and the assembly of POSITAL Wiegand sensors was entirely in-sourced.

POSITAL carefully manage the entire production chain all the way from the smelting of Vicalloy through to the final production of Wiegand sensors and assemblies with integrated Wiegand technology. The many processes necessary to create the highest-quality Wiegand wire sensors and assemblies are controlled and optimized by our engineering and logistics teams. Currently, POSITAL has Wiegand wire production lines in Europe and the US and has Wiegand sensor assembly lines in Europe and Asia.