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Self-Powered Magnetic Sensing and Pulse Energy Harvesting

Wiegand sensors off er bipolar magnetic sensing without the need for any external voltage or current to be applied. The unique material properties of the sensor mean that consistent pulses are produced with every incidence of magnetic field polarity switching. In addition to magnetic sensing, ultra-low power electronics can be powered by harvesting the energy of a single pulse. Alternatively, successive pulses can be stored to off set the energy demand of circuits, or used to ‘wake-up’ intermittently powered electronic circuits. This makes it the perfect magnetic sensor for low-power and energy-saving applications.

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Millions of Pulses, No Reduction in Energy
  • Pulse Energy is Unaff ected by Repeated and Continuous Use Over Time
Frequency Independent Pulse Energy
  • Consistent Energy Level Even at Extremely Low Frequencies of Magnetic Field Change
Zero Mechanical Wear
  • No Mechanical Elements & Non-Contact Sensing
High Signal Noise Ratio
  • High Slew Rate & Pulse Voltage Provide Superior SNR to Other Magnetic Sensor Technologies
High Triggering Frequency
  • Consistent Pulse Width Means Events Can be Differentiated at Frequencies up to 40kHz
The Wiegand Experts
  • Entire Production Chain from Wire to Sensor

The Wiegand Experts

Having successfully implemented Wiegand technology since 2006, we took over wire production from the World’s leading Wiegand wire manufacturer in 2013. Under the brand POSITAL, significant expertise and a strong team has been built focusing on Wiegand wire production and the application of Wiegand Sensors in Multiturn rotary encoders. The entire production chain, from the smelting of alloys through to the final production of Wiegand sensors and assemblies, is controlled and optimized by our engineering and logistics teams. Continuous improvement of product quality and production efficiencies have pushed the possibilities of the technology and in 2021, UBITO was launched as a new brand to take Wiegand Technology into large new market segments.

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Wiegand Sensors are used eff ectively in a number of applications which exploit the pulses either as signals or for energy harvesting, and sometimes even both. They have already been implemented in water and gas meters, multi-turn rotary encoders and many other applications. The advent of ultra-low power electronics and ultra-efficient integrated circuits opens up a wide range of new applications for this uniquely useful little wire.

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