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IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders


Many applications require a simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning. IXARC incremental encoders provide high resolution measurement using an incremental interface. They are available with common configurations such as A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422).

  • Any PPR up to 16384 Available
  • Flexible Scaling Functionality
  • Compact Size Down to 36 mm Ø
  • Optional Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Housings Available
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Incremental Interface



IXARC incremental encoders are ideal for various industries due to their small size and excellent performance. Their economical magnetic design makes them ideal for motor speed feedback, material handling applications and OEMs.

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