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Programmable Incremental Encoders

Incremental rotary encoders generate an output signal each time the shaft rotates a certain angle. The number of signals (pulses) per turn, also called PPR, defines the resolution of the device. The internal components of an incremental encoder are much simpler than the ones of an absolute encoder. This fits the need of many applications for simple, cost effective solutions while still providing accurate positioning. They are available with common configurations such as A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422). POSITAL magnetic encoders can all be configured via the UBIFAST configuration tool: helping reduce inventory levels.

Programmable Pulse per Revolution
  • Any PPR from 1 to 16,384

High Performance due to Signal Processing
  • Phase Angle: 90° ± 14°

Industry Leading Sensing Technology
  • Accuracy ±0.0878°

Programmable Output
  • Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL)

Magnetic Technology
  • Simple Design – No Code Discs

High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Insensitive to Dust and Humidity

Heavy Duty Enclosures
  • IP69K and Stainless Steel Versions Available

Large Variety of Flange Configurations
  • With a Range of Shaft Diameters


IXARC incremental encoders are ideal for various industries due to their small size and excellent performance. Their economic magnetic design makes them ideal for motor feedback, material handling applications and OEMs.

app_medical app_wind harbour_crane_white baggage_handling_1
Medical Equipment
Used in MRI and CT
Scanner Tables
Height Positioning
Compact Sizes
Mobile Machines
Sensors for Tough Jobs
Hazardous Environments
High Pressure & Temperature Resistance
Material Handling
Efficient, Accurate and Safe Positioning
AGV, Conveyors, Baggage Handling, etc.
Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic, Turbines, Parabolic Systems
Speed Control System
Increased Efficiency in Extreme Environments