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Absolute Multiturn Kit Encoders / Incremental Kit Encoders

POSITAL kit encoders offer smart, maintenance-free and cost-efficient solutions for the most challenging tasks in real time motion feedback. Fusion of sensing technologies results in unique designs with uninterruptable, battery-free multiturn function, powered by a Wiegand pulse with every rotation. The gear-free, compact and economically optimized concept is ideal for integration into servo, stepper or BLDC motors. No special equipment is required for the installation. There are various mechanical configurations starting from 22 mm outer diameter. Enhanced signal processing software enables high-resolution position measurement with excellent latency compensation.

Check Our Wide Range of Kit Encoders

Compact Design
  • 22mm or 36mm Diameter

Absolute Measurement
  • 17bit Singleturn Resolution

Open Source Interfaces
  • Biss-C, Biss-Line, SSI, SPI

Incremental Kit Encoders
  • Compatible To Common Standards

Wiegand Technology
  • Multiturn Without Battery or Gear

Easy To Install
  • No Special Equipment or Skills Required

Mechanical Design
  • Compatible With Common Bolt Patterns

Insensitive To Dust and Moisture
  • -40°C to +105°C Temperature Range

Absolute Multiturn Hollow Shaft Kit Encoders

POSITAL‘s hollow shaft kit encoders offer a wide multiturn range without the need for a battery or gear system. They have a slim design of just 18 mm thickness. They offer a resolution of up to 19 bit and are designed for integration into hollow shaft motors and robots. In robotic systems, the hollow shaft design enables cables and compressed air to be routed inside of the robotic arm. The singleturn system is based on capacitive technology and is combined with POSITAL‘s proven Wiegand multiturn technology. Special tools or costly equipment are not required for the assembly of these kit encoders to motors.

Hollow Bearingless Center Design
  • With 30mm and 50mm Inner Diameter

Multiturn Without Battery or Gear
  • Energy-Harvesting Wiegand Sensor

Singleturn Resolution
  • Up to 19 bit

Open Source Interfaces
  • BiSS-C, SSI

Slim Design
  • Thickness 18mm

Easy to Install
  • No Calibration or Special Equipment Required

Insensitive To Dust & Moisture
  • Can be Installed in Any Factory

Optimal Mechanical Layout
  • For Robotic Joints and Drives

Main Variations

POSITAL KIT encoders offer you battery-less, cost-efficient solutions for fast motion control of servo or stepper motors and robotic systems. There are various mechanical configurations starting from 22 mm outer diameter that are compatible with common mechanical interfaces (bolt patterns).

Multiturn Kit-Encoder: On Axis

  • From 22 mm Diameter
  • No Battery – No Gear
  • Robust & Easy To Install
  • BiSS-C, BiSS Line, SSI
  • -40 to 105 °C

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Multiturn Kit-Encoder: Hollow Shaft

  • Up To 50 mm Inner Diameter
  • No Battery – No Gear
  • BISS, SSI, Incremental Interfaces
  • Robust & Easy To Install

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Multiturn Module

  • No Battery - No Gear
  • Large Multiturn Range up to 40 Bit
  • SPI Interface


POSITAL Kit Encoders are designed for integration into servo motors, stepper motors and robotic systems as used in many different applications.

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