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The FRABA Group is a market-leading enterprise that makes use of advanced product design and manufacturing process to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of technology leadership, choice, product quality and competitive prices.


Designs and markets sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. Products include rotary encoders, inclinometers, linear position sensors and a large variety of accessories. These products are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy.


Manufactures and supplies safety systems for the door and gate market. The product portfolio includes optical and pneumatic sensing edges, bumpers, and photo-eye sensors which meet international standards for safety devices. These products have applications in commercial, bus, and train doors as well as production machines.


Offers advanced manufacturing services out of assembly plants in Slubice, Poland and Hamilton, USA. Production is tailored to produce small lot sizes in a wide range of configurations with short lead times. The computer-guided, semi-automated production system tracks each device from order, through assembly and testing, to final delivery.


Offers research and development services for electronic and mechanical design for industrial automation products. The output includes innovative products that use advanced technologies to deliver exceptional performance and value.

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