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Material Handling

Automated Storage And Retrieval System


Increasing warehouse and labor costs make the use of automatic storage and retrieval systems economically attractive. IXARC rotary encoders and LINARIX linear sensors are used in these systems to give the position of the loading equipment with respect to the vertical racks where goods are stored.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Positioning of the Units
  • Accurate Monitoring of the Arms


MRI and CT Scanner

For forklifts and AGV’s that carry loads from one point to another, safety is of utmost importance. TILTIX inclinometers and LINARIX linear sensors help to avoid accidental contact and insure precise positioning of loads.

  • Simple Communication with Analog Interfaces
  • Programmable Measurement by the User

Hoists, Gantry And Port Cranes


Due to heavy loads and big distances cranes need very accurate positioning. Gantry cranes in warehouses or factories, need to know the exact position and height of the object while port cranes have to accurately place the container on the ships.

  • Stainless Steel Version, Chemical Resistance
  • Accurate Process Monitoring

Baggage Handling


Due to stringent security requirements, all airline baggage needs to be screened and distributed in a secure manner. A labyrinth of conveyors helps sort these in a correct fashion. Programmable Fieldbus IXARC rotary encoders help track the position of multiple baggage conveyors.

  • Diagnostics LED, Reduced System Installation
  • Simplified Wiring, Decreased Time & Costs

Overhead Conveyors


Assembly lines for automotive production have dedicated work stations for different processes. Typically the vehicle chassis is moved through a series of such work stations using overhead conveyors. IXARC absolute encoders help achieve this movement in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Fieldbus & Ethernet for Fast Communication
  • Reduced Downtime and Increased Efficiency

Scissor Lifts


Scissor lifts need constant tilt monitoring to prevent tip-overs, an easy job for the dual axis TILTIX inclinometers. IXARC rotary encoders and LINARIX linear sensors are ideal for situations where the height of the lift needs to be known.

  • Compact & Economical Sensors
  • Precise and Fast Position Feedback

Product Highlights

Accurate Monitoring with IXARC Absolute Rotary Encoder

  • Operation Temperature -40 to +85 °C
  • Environmental Rating: Up to IP69K
  • Large Variety of Interfaces
  • Up to 16 Bit Resolution
  • Different Mechanical Options


Complementary Products

IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders for Reliable Measurement Tasks

  • Any PPR up to 16384 Available
  • Flexible Scaling Functionality
  • Compact Size Down to 36 mm Ø
  • Programmable Output Driver (HTL/TTL)
  • Large Variety of Mechanical Designs and Electrical Connections


Complementary Products

Precise Linear Movement with LINARIX Linear Sensor

  • Linear Accuracy up to 0.35 mm
  • User Defined Programmability
  • Up to 10 m (33 ft) Range
  • Different Mechanical Designs and Material
  • Large Variety of Interfaces


Complementary Products

Compact and Bateryless Kit Encoders


Dynamic Inclinometers for Tilt & Inclination Measurement

  • Gyrostabilised Inclination Sensors
  • IP96K, Shock and Vibe Designed for Off-highway
  • CAN and Common Analogue Communication
  • Boom, Bucket and Cab Inclination