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Wide Selection of Absolute Rotary Encoders

Absolute rotary encoders are capable of providing unique position values from the moment they are switched on. Even movements that occur while the system is without power are translated into accurate position values once the encoder is powered up again. Another advantage is their high number of variations. Absolute encoders can either be singleturn or multiturn with different resolutions and communication interfaces. The user also can choose from thousands of mechanical and connection configurations to meet their needs.

Maintain Position Information
  • Even when Power is Lost

Compact Size
  • Down to Ø 36 mm

15+ Communication Interfaces
  • Industry Classics and Latest Trends

Programmable Parameters
  • Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL)

Wiegand Technology
  • No Battery, No Maintenance

High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Insensitive to Dust and Humidity

Heavy Duty Enclosures
  • Stainless Steel and ATEX Versions Available

Safety Ready – Through Clever Design
  • With a Range of Shaft Diameters

Main Variations

Motion control applications range from factory automation to control systems for mobile machines. They all have their specificities but still require precise, real-time information about the physical location of mechanical equipment. POSITAL’s line of absolute encoders is designed to address seemingly all problematic you can face.

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Magnetical Encoders vs Optical Encoders


Optical: Provides Maximum Resolution and Accuracy by Scanning the Position of a Coded Material.

Magnetic: Provides a Compact, Robust and Cost-efficient Angular Sensing

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Flange and Shaft Options


Solid or Hollow Shaft

Multiple Flanges Design to Fit All Applications

Couplings, Tethers, Adapters Available



IXARC absolute encoders always ensure reliable positioning; they never require a reference run by then increasing the safety and effi ciency of the machines

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