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Advanced Technology for Superior Position Feedback

Looking for a precise and reliable sensing solution? Absolute rotary encoders provide unique position values from the moment they are switched on, even for movements that occur while the system is without power. They come in single-turn and multi-turn variations with different resolutions and communication interfaces, and thousands of mechanical and connection configurations to choose from. POSITAL absolute encoders offer increased accuracy and reliability, making them suitable for various applications. Visit our product finder and webshop and choose an encoder that perfectly fits your specific requirements!

Hollow Shaft
  • Blind & Through Hollow ø6 to 16 mm
  • Wide range of Interfaces
  • Up to IP69K
  • Analog, Parallel and SSI
  • Push-Buttons for Scaling
  • Configurable Resolution
Fieldbus Classics
  • CANopen, Profibus, Modbus RTU, J1939
  • Up to 31 bits Resolution
  • Large Variety of Mechanical Designs
  • Low-Cost, Plug and Play
  • Motion Monitoring
  • Convertible to Incremental
Ethernet Based
  • Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus/TCP
  • LEDs, Redundancy, Monitoring
  • Optimized Data Transmission
Robust Protection
  • Zone 1/21 and 2/22
  • ATEX & Certified Stainless Steel
  • Wide range of Interfaces

Why Choose POSITAL?

  • Maintain Position Information Even when Power is Lost
  • Compact Size Down to Ø 36 mm
  • Based on Wiegand Technology - No Battery, No Maintenance
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance
  • Insensitive to Dust and Humidity
  • Stainless Steel and ATEX Versions Available
  • Safety Ready – Through Clever Design
  • 15+ Communication Interfaces (Ethernet, Fieldbus, Analog, Parallel, SSI, IO-Link)
  • Programmable Parameters

Main Variations

Find all mechanical and electrical possibilities in the product finder! Within a few clicks you can configure and buy your customized encoder! You can also find all relevant accessories that will make the installation of your sensor much easier!

Product Configurator


Motion control applications range from factory automation to control systems for mobile machines. They all have their specificities but still require precise, real-time information about the physical location of mechanical equipment. With POSITAL absolute encoders, you can take control of your machines and systems, automate processes, increase safety and efficiency, and improve quality control.

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