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Despite the corona pandemic
FRABA grew by 3% worldwide in 2020


The “Year of Corona” Brings Innovative Products and a Digital-Virtual Workspace

2020 saw the launch of EncoderMatch.com, a product sourcing and order portal that enables maintenance staff to easily acquire replacements for worn out or damaged incremental encoders from many manufacturers. POSITAL also introduced new miniature kit encoders for integrated motor feedback. The mini kits (22 mm diameter) pave the way for multiturn monitoring in small motors and drives - a world first!


New Initiatives Set to Launch in 2021

FRABA’s confidence in the future is highlighted by several initiatives set to launch in 2021. A new business unit, code-named CREDEMUS, will provide mid-sized manufacturing companies with access to FRABA’s successful cloud-based production and order fulfilment platform. Services will include the implementation of FRABA’s well-proven production management software and consulting support.

A second initiative will promote the wider use of Wiegand technology. FRABA has established itself as a major supplier of Wiegand sensors (unique devices that sense and harvest energy from a changing magnetic field) with over one million sensors produced each year. The company, with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has initiated research aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and increasing energy yields for Wiegand sensors. An internal task force has been charged with identifying innovative applications for Wiegand technology, including inexpensive, energy self-sufficient wireless devices for the Internet of Things and energy harvesting solution for use where wired connections are impractical. This group will be upgraded to a new business unit with the brand name UBITO (from the Latin for “everywhere”). The launch of these new businesses will be accompanied by a corporate rebranding exercise that will include new logos for FRABA and its subsidiaries.

"There is a lot to suggest that 2021 will be a strong and dynamic year," says Leeser enthusiastically. With strong demand already evident in Q1 2021, the FRABA CEO is optimistic: "If material bottlenecks don't spoil our plans, we should be back to double digit growth in 2021!"