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Based on the continuing rise of infection rates, we have decided to not participate in the SPS 2021. The organization has taken all necessary hygiene measures but your health and that of our employees is very important to us. Therefore we decided to help against the spread of the coronavirus by not traveling to Nuremberg for SPS 2021.

You will find us at SPS on air and you can always schedule an online meeting with our experts!

This Year’s Highlights


POSITAL Upgrades PROFINET Interface

The upgrade of POSITAL’s PROFINET communications interface for absolute rotary encoders now allows output from the encoders to be scaled to meet the requirements of the controller. Fractional scaling is now also available which allows for virtually any measuring factor to be used. This new encoder interface also provides improved availability and speed, eliminating down-time and delays for your operations.

All PROFINET Encoders

  • New Capabilities: Acceleration Monitoring and Over-Temperature Warnings
  • Fractional Scaling Now Possible
  • Supports MRP and MRPD
  • Increased Interface Speed

Hollow Shaft Multiturn Kit Encoder

  • Hollow Center Design for Optimal Mechanical Layout on Robotic Joints and Drives Shafts
  • 30 mm or 50 mm Internal Diameter Sizes Available
  • Battery-less Rotation Counter Based on Energy-Harvesting Technology
  • Capacitive Measurement System Allows for High Accuracy Even in Harsh Environments
  • Non-Proprietary Interfaces of SSI and BiSS C Standards

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World's Smallest Multiturn Motor Feedback Encoder - 22 mm Kit

  • No Battery, No Gear - No Maintenance
  • Electrical Resolution Up To 17 bits, Multiturn Range Up To 32 bits
  • Robust Performance, High Accuracy And Easy installation with Optional Self Callibration
  • Available in BiSS C and SSI interfaces with a Preset Function
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor for Diagnostics

Learn more at SPS in Nuremberg.

IO-Link Encoders


POSITAL’s absolute rotary encoders now support the popular IO-Link communications interface! IO-Link is a low-cost, easy-to-implement communications system that can simplify connections between large-scale Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks and your sensors on the factory floor.

See all IO-Link Encoders

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  • Magnetic Multiturn Sensing without Gear or Battery
  • Hardware I/O-Pin for Preset, Reset or Cam Switch
  • Simple Wiring Reducing Costs
  • Automatic Parameterization after Device Replacement

Wiegand Sensors – Magnetic Pulse Generator

  • Production Since 1974 – Started by John R. Wiegand
  • Proven In Encoders & Water Meters Since > 10 Years
  • Used In Access Cards For > 30 Years
  • Power Supply For Future IoT Applications
  • High Energy Output of ~170 nJ

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Watch Our Unique Wiegand Sensors Applications

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Visit our new UBITOwebsite andとYouTube Channel to see all of the exciting new applications for our magical Wiegand sensor!