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NEXTGEN TILTIX Inclinometers


POSITAL has updated its family of TILTIX inclinometers with new three-axis MEMS accelerometers, enhanced firmware, and a new housing concept. These changes enable POSITAL to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce delivery times while maintaining full environmental protection. The new versions are compatible with older models, with identical mounting footprint while offering improved accuracy and better signal-to-noise ratios. Common applications include positioning of solar panels, rollover warning systems for mobile machinery, control systems for crane booms, and tilt control in service robots, AGV’s and other materials-handling systems. Customers will be able to order CANopen and Analog variations by end of this year, with SSI and Modbus-RTU interfaces to be added to the catalogue over the next year.

  • Enhanced Programming Function (Number of Axes, Filtering Methods)
  • Reduced Cross-Axis Sensitivity
  • Improved Measurement Accuracy to ± 0.1 Degrees
  • Available in Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Housings or IP69K-rated Metal Enclosures

Safety First – Through Clever Design


POSITAL has introduced an inexpensive and flexible alternative for safety-critical motion control systems. When combined with functional safety PLCs, these devices are suitable for applications that are required to conform to Performance Level/ PL d, Cat. 3, according to ISO 13849. ‘Redundancy’ means that these devices contain two independent sensor systems. The magnetic and optical sensor elements are integrated in a compact housing (58 mm in diameter) that is easy to install. Applications for the new safety-ready encoders range from heavy construction equipment and mobile machines, through crane technology and elevators, to complex stage technology for theatrical or film productions.

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Easily Find the Right Diverse-Redundant Encoder for Your Application

  • Safety First – Through Clever Design
  • Diverse Redundancy for Functional Safety
  • Space and Cost-Saving Encoders
  • Wide Variety of Mechanical Options
  • Up to Performance Level/PL d, Cat. 3 of ISO 13849

Precise Measurements with our Spring-Loaded Pivot Arm


Paired with our measuring wheel and IXRAC encoder, POSITAL’s spring-loaded pivot arm is optimally suited to ensure precise and reliable length measurement even during higher spring travel. The spring arm can be mounted from both sides thereby allowing for change in the direction of the spring load. The preload and resulting contact pressure and both adjustable through clamp fastening.

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 36mm

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 58mm

  • Available in Two Options –
    • 36mm Synchro Flange
    • 58mm Clamping Flange
  • Compatible with IXARC Encoders of Similar Flange Design
  • Adjustable Contact Pressure Easily Noted
  • Ideal for Factory Automation Applications

Sensors for Mobile Machinery


Mobile machinery can only be successful when safety, efficiency and reliability are combined. POSITAL encoders can be used in a variety of applications to accomplish these goals - such as monitoring the stability of a platform and the careful positioning of boom arms and blasting equipment. To be effective, sensors must withstand years of impact, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and inclement weather.

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  • Encoders & Inclinometers with High Protection up to IP69K
  • Up to 300N Load and up to 300g Shock
  • Redundant Absolute Encoders Ideal for Safety Critical Applications
  • Certified Explosion Proof Encoders & Inclinometers

How to Safely Remove an Industrial Encoder

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