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Newsletter July 2022

Hollow Shaft Multiturn Kit Encoders


POSITAL’s family of hollow shaft absolute rotary encoders are perfect for servomotors, stepper motors, robot joints and anywhere else a hollow center design is needed to achieve an optimal mechanical layout. Both single and multi-turn variants are available. A self-powered rotation counter for multiturn models employs POSITAL’s Wiegand energy-harvesting technology - eliminating the need for backup batteries and lowering maintenance costs!

This line of kit encoders offers excellent accuracy (+/- 0.02°) and dynamic response (up to 6000 RPM), making them suitable for use in critical motion control systems. However, However, an advantageous problem-solver in many applications is their package design. Both stator and rotor elements are in the form of disks with large central openings. This makes them an ideal choice in space-limited situations, such as servomotors, stepper motors or the joints in robotic arms , where it is desirable to have an embedded position sensor fitting around a central shaft or axle.

Read more on the Capacitive Measurement Technology here

  • Hollow Center Design for Optimal Mechanical Layout on Robotic Joints and Drives Shafts
  • 30 mm or 50 mm Internal Diameter Sizes Available
  • Battery-less Rotation Counter Based on Energy-Harvesting Technology
  • Non-Proprietary Interfaces of SSI and BiSS C Standards

EncoderMatch – Find Your Perfect Replacement


With POSITAL’s EncoderMatch , you can replace virtually any incremental encoder. EncoderMatch incorporates the specs of over 1.5 million incremental encoder types, drawn from the catalogues of more than 20 internationally renowned rotary encoder manufacturers. Within seconds, customers can be provided with a proper replacement. Once an order is placed, the required product(s) – starting at MOQ1 – will be quickly assembled at POSITAL’s digital factory. Thanks to its highly flexible “mass customization” production system, delivery is usually within five days. It's even faster for express orders.

More Information

  • Easily Find Replacements for Millions of Incremental Devices
  • Programmable Parameters Adjusted with UBIFAST Programming Tool
  • Level of Compatibility Immediately Shown
  • Cost Effective Solution for Your After-Market Needs

Programmable LINARIX: Simple Linear Position Measurement


POSITAL’s programmable draw wire encoders simplify your linear position measurement. Not only can the user define their own draw wire output (i.e. 0-10V at 0 to 5m or 0 to 4.252m) to match their application, they can also reconfigure certain programmable parameters. Machines and needs may evolve over the time. That’s why POSITAL has extended the functionality of the UBIFAST configuration tool . In just a few clicks you will be able to program your desired measurement range and length per revolution. To create simple installation with precise measurement, we have joined the power of our UBIFAST configuration tool with the accuracy of LINARIX to offer you reliable products with excellent repeatability (±0.002 % Full Scale Operation).

More Information

UBIFAST Programmable Draw Wires

Analog Scalable Draw Wires

  • Easily Scale Your Measurement Range for Analog Versions
  • Programmable Versions Done Simply via UBIFAST
  • Large Variety of Interfaces : Analog, SSI, CANopen
  • Draw Wire Adapters Available from 1 to 15 M

ATEX/IECEx Certified Encoders for Oil and Gas Applications


ATEX/IECEx-certified rotary encoders are designed to operate safely in atmospheres where there are potentially dangerous levels of explosive gases or dust. These devices are part of the IXARC family of magnetic and optical rotary sensors and can be delivered with either programmable incremental or absolute output. Rugged, reliable and highly accurate, these devices can be ordered with a wide range of mounting and coupling options that ensure that they can be installed in Zones 2 and 22.


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See all Absolute ATEX/IECEx Certified Encoders

  • For Group II Applications Dedicated to Zone 2 & 22
  • Housing Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Large Variety of Mechanical Combinations Available
  • Applications: Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Milling Operations

Save Time – Troubleshoot Your Encoder!

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POSITAL has compiled some expert troubleshooting tips to get your encoder back up and running.