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Look back at some of our favorite products of the year!

World's Smallest Multiturn Kit Encoder


Size matters! In world of industrial automation, providing exceptional performance in a highly compact package can be an enormous advantage. Our POSITAL miniature kit encoder is designed for integrated motor feedback. With a diameter of only 22 mm and a height of 23 mm, it is the world’s smallest multi-turn kit. It features a self-powered rotation counter thereby eliminating the need for backup batteries or complex gear systems. These trim encoders perfect for builders of servomotors , feedback-controlled stepper motors , micro drives, miniature robots, and other machines where high-precision position feedback is required, and space is at a premium.

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  • No Battery, No Gear - No Maintenance
  • Electrical Resolution Up To 17 bits, Multiturn Range Up To 32 bits
  • Robust Performance, High Accuracy and Easy installation with Optional Self Calibration
  • Available in BiSS C and SSI interfaces with a Preset Function
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor for Diagnostics

Absolute BiSS-C Encoders – Ideal for BLDC Servo Motors


POSITAL’s magnetic absolute rotary encoders are available with the BiSS-C interface. These products are available in a wide range of mechanical configurations include a 36mm housing enabling them to fit into the same mounting footprint as popular Size 15 resolvers. And with a multiturn absolute digital position measurements, an A/D converter is no longer needed. BiSS-C interface allow for real-time communications between control devices and sensors in robots and other automation systems. With the ability to daisy-chain several devices and access the same physical properties as older SSI interface models, these encoders create a cost-efficient and simple way to upgrade your system.

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  • Energy Harvesting System Based on Wiegand Effect – No Gear, No Battery!
  • Robust Device Insensitive to Dust or Humidity
  • Excellent Dynamic Response (up to 12,000 RPM)
  • Resolution: 17-Bit Singleturn and 32-Bit Multiturn
  • Ideal for Brushless Servo Motors

Precise Measurements with our Spring-Loaded Pivot Arm


Paired with our measuring wheel and IXRAC encoder, POSITAL’s spring-loaded pivot arm is optimally suited to ensure precise and reliable length measurement even during higher spring travel. The spring arm can be mounted from both sides thereby allowing for change in the direction of the spring load. The preload and resulting contact pressure and both adjustable through clamp fastening.

  • Available in Two Options –
  • Compatible with IXARC Encoders of Similar Flange Design
  • Adjustable Contact Pressure Easily Noted
  • Ideal for Factory Automation Applications

Heavy Lifting? POSITAL Can Help


Forklifts and elevating work platforms are commonplace in many facilities and are used to carry material and people. Therefore, safety is of utmost importance. POSITAL’s family of sensors can provide constant tilt and height monitoring to avoid accidental contact and insure precise positioning of loads.

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  • Simple Communication with Analog Interfaces
  • Programmable Measurement by the User
  • Large Variety of Interfaces
  • Numerous Mechanical Designs and Material for Your Warehouse Needs

The Magical Wiegand Effect

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Wiegand Effect - The Magic of a Unique Useful Little Wire