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Newsletter August 2022

Coming Soon: Linear Position/Tilt Sensor Combo


Coming soon! POSITAL’s LINARIX family of linear sensors will soon include a new series of draw-wire position sensors with built-in inclinometers (also known as tilt sensors). These combo sensors will be available with an extension range of up to 8 meters (25 ft) plus one- or two-axis tilt measurement.

IP69K-rated housings and seals will be available to protect internal components from high-pressure water jets making them a great choice for booms trucks and other construction equipment that require regular washdowns. They will also be available with CANopen and J1939 communications interfaces.

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  • Accurate - Linearity up to +/-0.2%
  • CANopen and J1939 communications interfaces.
  • Extension range of up to 8 metres (25 ft)
  • One- or two-axis tilt measurement

Extend the Lifetime of Your Draw-Wire with These Tips!


POSITAL’s latest white paper explains the service life of your draw-wire sensor and some influential factors. A draw-wire is comprised of a measuring wire, spring, and sensor element. Movements within these elements are subject to wear and therefore effect the service life. To ensure the best possible service life, the spring must be used within the suggested working range. The sensor element must also be checked in analysis to assure proper usage. Both the sensor and spring are subject to environmental conditions. More severe environmental factors, such as humidity, chemicals, and high temperatures, can all reduce the life cycle of your draw-wire.


  • Service Life Influenced by Wear on Spring and Sensor
  • Proper Usage Range of the Systems Extends the Service Life
  • Installation and Suitable Protection Can Enhance the Service Life
  • Environmental Factors, if Not Properly Assessed, Reduces the Service Life

POSITAL Sensors with IP69K Environmental Protection


POSITAL offers both rotary encoders and inclinometers (tilt sensors) with IP69K level environmental protection. These sensors, which are designed to stand up to repeated exposure to the hot, high-temperature water jets used in pressure washing systems, are available with a wide range of mechanical options (including hub and square flanges for encoders). For both encoders and inclinometers, the range of available interfaces includes analog, CANopen, J1939, SSI, Modbus and IO-Link. Incremental encodes are also available with HTL/TTL serial interfaces.

By supplying position and motion sensors capable of withstanding this harsh treatment, POSITAL helps OEMs and system integrators ensure that the equipment they build can meet the highest standards for reliability, maintainability and long service lives.

More Information

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  • Withstands High-Pressure and High-Temperature Washdown
  • Wider Range of Mechanical Options and Communication Interfaces
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Versions Available
  • Perfect for Mobile Machinery and Off-Road Vehicles

Upgrade Your Stepper Motor to Absolute Position Control


Want position control on a budget? POSITAL’s line of kit-style encoders for feedback for stepper motors utilize the same mounting form factor and identical assembly procedure as popular incremental kit encoder manufacturers; making drop-in replacements and upgrades a breeze.

More Information

  • Available with SSI and BiSS C Communication Interfaces
  • Various Hub Diameters from 4 mm to 10 mm (and 1/4 to 3/8 inch)
  • Magnetic Technology Which Is Generally More Robust Than Optical
  • Improved Connectivity via M12 Connector Additionally Available

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