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The One Stop Shop for Industrial Sensors


We understand how frustrating and costly it can be when your operations are standing still because of a broken encoder. POSITAL is here to help! The new webshop of POSITAL aims to make it easier for purchasers or MRO customers to get the parts they need to keep their machines running and reduce downtime. All public POSITAL sensors and accessories can be ordered online with only a few clicks. The customer can configure the encoder, inclinometer or linear sensor that they need with the specific mechanical properties and communication interface that fits their machine. Once an order has been placed the system initiates the assembly of the required product(s) at POSITAL’s digital factory.

Build your sensor and order it today from our easy to use webshop!

  • Define the sensor that exactly fits your application and buy it within a few clicks
  • Searching for replacement? Use our cross-reference finder and exchange your incremental encoder fast and reliably

Replace Easily Your Incremental Encoder


With POSITAL’s cross reference finder called ENCODERMATCH, you can replace any incremental encoder. ENCODERMATCH incorporates the specs of over 1.5 million incremental encoder types, drawn from the catalogues of more than 20 internationally renowned rotary encoder manufacturers. Simply enter the specific make and type code of the old encoder – typically found on a device’s nameplate. Within seconds the required mechanical and functional features are checked against the POSITAL database – and the proper replacement is specified. The level of compatibility is shown in the search result.

Find out what ENCODERMATCH can do for you

Kit Encoder Selection Made Easy


POSITAL’s line of kit encoders now has their own product finder! This simple to use tool makes it easy for all customers and distributors to explore the full range of this product line. Just like our other product finders, this tool will provide a wealth of specific product information in over 10 languages. Datasheets, product manuals, and technical drawings are all available for download with just a few clicks!

Kit Encoder Finder

  • Find easily the kit encoder that fits your machine
  • Absolute and incremental kit encoders ideal for motor feedback
  • Wide variety of kit encoders designed for stepper motors
  • Download easy all drawings and manuals that you need

Apply POSITAL Sensors to your Medical Applications


Modern devices used in the healthcare industry demand advanced technology for precise positioning. POSITAL compact inclinometers provide accurate measurements and are built to last the life of the equipment while our absolute linear sensors offer an ideal solution for tracking the position of patient tables. With more autonomous robotics being introduced to medical applications, our kit encoders, whose features include compact size, no battery – no maintenance, high reliability and absolute position feedback, become an ideal position sensing solution for state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Download our flyer about medical machinery applications

  • Ideal for angular scanner positioning or for the exact positioning of the patient table
  • Also great for devices such as surgical robots, exoskeletons, ventilators and laboratory automation devices

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