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IXARC Absolute Rotary Encoder


POSITAL Measuring Tools & Sensors Analog Programmable - Voltage 0-10V Preset +Dir, Multiturn - Programmable, Programmable, IP64 / IP65, Aluminum / Steel, Blind Hollow Shaft - BC ø 42 mm, ø 36 mm (1.42"), ø 6 mm (0.24"), Connector - Radial M12, ≤ 0.09° (Magnetic), CE / UL Available 0
InterfaceProgrammable Analog Voltage (Preset + Dir)
Manual FunctionsPreset + complement via cable or connector
Configuration ToolUBIFAST Configuration Tool (Version ≥ 1.6.10) + Ubifast Adap
Video Manualvideo-link Watch a simple installation video
Programming FunctionsMeasurement Range, Preset Value, Output Direction, Code
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage8 – 32 VDC
Current ConsumptionTypical 15 mA @24V (no load)
Start-Up Time<500 ms
Min. Load Resistance5 kΩ
Analog Accuracy@ 10 V = ±10 mV (with an ideal power supply)
Settling Time32 ms (from min value to max value jump)
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
EMC: Emitted InterferenceDIN EN 61000-6-4
EMC: Noise ImmunityDIN EN 61000-6-2
MTTF240.8 years @ 40 °C
Multiturn TechnologySelf powered magnetic pulse counter (no battery, no gear)
Accuracy (INL)±0.0878° (≤ 12 bit)
Sense Signal (Default)Counterclockwise shaft movement (front view on shaft)
CodeProgrammable Analog Voltage 0-10 V or 0.5-9.5 V, preprogrammed 0-10V
Cycle Time Base Sensor< 100 µs
Minimum Measurement Range0 – 11.25°
Resolution of OutputMax. 13 bits over entire measureing range (Fractional Turns - Resolution decreases less than 13 bits when measurements range is less than 90 degrees)
Multiturn Range16 turn (default setting). User can use the UBIFAST Tool to measure up to 65536 turns.
Environmental Specifications
Protection Class (Shaft)IP65
Protection Class (Housing)IP65
Operating Temperature-40 °C (-40 °F) - +85 °C (+185 °F)
Humidity98% RH, no condensation
Mechanical Data
Housing MaterialSteel
Housing CoatingCathodic corrosion protection (>720 hrs salt spray resistance)
Flange TypeBlind Hollow, ø 36 mm / ø 42 mm
Flange MaterialAluminum
Shaft TypeBlind Hollow, Depth = 18 mm
Shaft Diameterø 6 mm (0.24")
Shaft MaterialStainless Steel V2A (1.4305, 303)
Friction Torque≤ 3 Ncm @ 20 °C (4.2 oz-in @ 68 °F)
Max. Permissible Mechanical Speed≤ 12000 1/min
Shock Resistance≤ 100 g (half sine 6 ms, EN 60068-2-27)
Permanent Shock Resistance≤ 10 g (half sine 16 ms, EN 60068-2-29)
Vibration Resistance≤ 10 g (10 Hz – 1000 Hz, EN 60068-2-6)
Length50,2 mm (1.98")
Weight180 g (0.40 lb)
Maximum Axial / Radial MisalignmentStatic ± 0.3 mm /± 0.5 mm; Dynamic ± 0.1 mm /± 0.2 mm
Electrical Connection
Connection OrientationRadial
ConnectorM12, Male, 5 pin, a coded
Product Life Cycle
Product Life CycleNew
ApprovalCE + cULus
Connection Plan
Power SupplyConnector 12
GNDConnector 13
Analog OutputConnector 11
Set1/DirectionConnector 15
Set2/Zero SetConnector 14
Connector-View on Encoder
Dimensional Drawing

2D Drawing

The picture and drawing are for general presentation purposes only. Please refer to the "Download" section for detailed technical drawings. All dimension in [inch] mm.

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