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Integrated Sensing and Harvesting with Wiegand

Wiegand Sensors

Energy harvesting by the Wiegand effect has been used successfully in over a million devices, including water and gas meters and industrial encoders (rotation measurement instruments). Here, the polarity reversals are triggered by a rotating permanent magnet, resulting in a rotation counter system that is entirely self-powered, with no need for external power sources or batteries.

Multi-turn Rotary Encoders

POSITAL’s absolute multiturn encoders integrate an energy harvesting system based on the Wiegand Effect which requires no batteries or gears. This eradicates the disadvantages of using batteries; e.g. limited lifespan requiring replacement or maintenance, considerable weight, and harmful constituent substances.

Self-powered Event Counting

By combining the timing of the event-triggered pulses with ultra-low power counting electronics, a Wiegand-powered counting system can be realised. Such systems allow for the accurate management of maintenance cycles even in situations where external power supply is difficult or disadvantageous.