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How to change an Encoder?


Has Your Encoder Stopped Functioning, Its Life Ended or You Simply Need a Better Quality Product?

POSITAL has put into its priorities to fulfill the needs of maintenance professionals, assuring them an easy, fast and convenient way to replace a faulty, broken or old Encoder, regardless of the manufacturer. After many years of successfully replacing and retrofitting thousands of sensors, POSITAL has created an easy-to-use cross reference finder. You will only need the manufacturer name and product key of your Encoder for EncoderMatch

But first: If you believe your encoder problems are salvageable, we invite you to visit Encoder Troubleshooting , to help clarify any concerns.

If you are in need of a replacement keep on reading!

Change your Encoder in 4 Easy Steps

Follow the instructions displayed down below to ensure a smooth installation of the sensor in your machine

1. Switch off the supply voltage of all devices connected to the encoder before installation.

  • Encoder
  • PLC / Switch / Router
  • Machine

2. Disconnect the encoder

  • Unplug the cable from the power supply
  • Unplug the cable from the PLC
  • Unplug the cable from the encoder (if applicable)

3. Mechanically disconnect the encoder from the system it is attached to

  • Dispose of the non-working device

4. Install the new Encoder

  • To install your new POSITAL Encoder, please refer to the leaflet that it comes with.

These actions must be performed by qualified personnel only, exhibiting knowledge in electronics and mechanics.

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How Can POSITAL Help You

At POSITAL everyone works for the customer. We know the struggle of urgently needing a replacement. That’s why we have prepared everything for you.

Simple Optimized Safe
Plug-and-Play: for most of our products, no calibration is needed! 5 days delivery
MOQ: 1
3 years warranty and MTTF: up to 20 years!
1:1 replacement for the industry standards Express Order and Express Shipping available All of our products are backward compatible

Searching for an Absolute Encoder?

Use our Product Finder to check over 1 million sensor configurations and find a compatible replacement in one place.

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Searching for Inclinometers?

Use our Inclinometer Product Finder to check our wide range of Inclinometers and find your most compatible POSITAL replacement

Are You Looking for a Replacement for Your Schneider Encoder?

If your failure is persisting, please feel free to contact us!