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Scissor LIfts

Scissor LIfts

Scissor lifts need constant tilt monitoring to prevent tip-overs, an easy job for the dual axis TILTIX inclinometers. IXARC rotary encoders and LINARIX linear sensors are ideal for situations where the height of the lift needs to be known.

  • Compact & Economical Sensors
  • SIL2 Certified for Safe Operation

icon_1 IXARC Rotary Encoders

icon_2 Linear Sensor for Height Control

  • Linear Accuracy up to 0.35 mm
  • User Defined Programmability
  • Up to 15 m Range
  • Different Mechanical Designs and Material
  • Large Variety of Interfaces

Linear Sensor Product Finder

3 Inclinometers for Angle Control

  • Compact Housing
  • High Accuracy 0.1° and Resolution 0.01°
  • Inclination Range: ±80° (2 Axes) or 360° (1 Axis)
  • Large Variety of Interfaces
  • Environmental Rating: IP67, IP68, IP69K

Inclinomter Product Finder