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Newsletter July 2023

NEXTGEN IXARC Absolute Encoders – What’s New?


We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our latest generation of absolute encoders, featuring a wide range of single and multiturn models, along with various mechanical configurations. The NEXTGEN IXARC absolute encoders offer enhanced performance and a state-of-the-art Wiegand package, incorporating a newly developed ASIC as the logic controller for the battery-less multiturn system. The new ASIC is a collaborative effort with our sister company, UBITO , and is powered by Wiegand sensors, ensuring precise recording of every shaft rotation, even when system power is not available. Moreover, our new generation absolute and incremental encoders utilize TMR technology, providing improved energy efficiency to all our customers.


While the incremental encoders have been available for several months, we are pleased to announce that the absolute models with SSI interface are set to be available this fall. Additionally, in the upcoming quarters, we will introduce CANopen, Fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet options. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from POSITAL's new product line and be sure to follow our social media channels for further updates!

Explore How Wiegand Pulses Can Power Your Electronics


Wiegand sensors generate a pulse voltage when exposed to alternating magnetic fields. The voltage polarity is connected to the external magnetic field gradient, resulting in pulses of alternating polarity as the field alternates. The minimum pulse voltage and energy is independent of the speed that the external field changes.

Such pulses can serve as signals and as an energy source to power electronics. Rectified pulses are desirable in most cases, as are low energy losses. Either passive or active rectifier circuits can be chosen, the latter providing superior detection of thresholds and polarity detection, and the former providing lower energy losses.

Find the Right Draw Wire Sensor for You


POSITAL offers multiple draw wire adapter models for use in diverse applications. When combined with an encoder, draw wire sensors can measure a linear position and communicate it across a variety of interfaces. For example, they are compatible with industry standard 36mm (about 1.42 in) and 58mm (about 2.28 in) synchro-style flanges. Their rugged construction ensures reliable performance and long lifetimes even under extreme conditions.

Read More about Our Draw Wire Accessories and Find the Right One for Your Application.

Inclinometers for Improving Solar Systems


With increasing energy prices and the prospect of dwindling resources, solar energy is one of the most popular alternative energy sources. However, to get the most benefit out of a solar system, solar tracker designers and operators must pay careful attention to the accuracy and the component costs that make up the system, their maintenance requirements, and their ability to operate and reliably under harsh conditions. The NEXTGEN TILTIX inclinometers have been upgraded with three-axis MEMS accelerometers, improved firmware, and a new housing concept to help with these challenges!

  • Percise Elevation (Altitude) Control of Mirrors or PV Panels
  • High IP Rating and UV Resistant Enclosures
  • Analog and Modbus RTU Interfaces
  • Programmable Range, Filters, and Offset

Installing a Kit Encoder on a Stepper Motor

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Install the POSITAL kit encoders on your stepper motor and enjoy the benefits of absolute multiturn measurement.