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Mobile machinery can only be successfull when safety, efficiency and reliability are combined. POSITAL encoders can be used in a variety of applications to accomplish these goals - such as monitoring the stability of a platform and the careful positioning of boom arms and blasting equipment. To be effective, sensors must withstand years of impact, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and inclement weather.

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Sensors for Mobile Machines − Tough Sensors for Tough Jobs

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NEW Sensors for Mobile Machines


New Dynamic Acceleration Compensated Inclinometer

POSITAL has introduced a new version of its TILTIX inclinometers that can provide reliable tilt measurement for moving equipment. These new devices use a combination of electro-mechanical accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide accurate measurements, even if the instruments are subject to strong accelerations.

  • Compensation of External Accelerations
  • Clean Measurement During Dynamic Movements
  • Optional Output of Acceleration and Rate of Rotation
  • CANopen and SAE J1939 Interfaces
  • Well Protected up to IP69K
  • Compact and Robust Die-cast Housing with Integrated T-Coupler
  • Wide Temperature Range from -40 to +85°C

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New High Resolution and Compact Rotary Encoders with SAE J1939 Interface

IXARC high-precision magnetic absolute rotary encoders are now available with SAE J1939 interface.

With improved magnetic field measurement sensors and advanced signal processing techniques, POSITAL has been able to offer devices with accurate and dynamic response characteristics that rival traditional optical encoders in smaller, more robust, and more cost-efficient packages. Single- and multi-turn models are available. For multi-turn versions, the rotation counter is self-powered, with no need for backup batteries.

The communication interface SAE J1939 is an excellent choice for applications in vehicles, mobile machinery, cranes, lifts and offshore equipment. Device parameters - like code sequence, preset value or resolution - can be configured easily by J1939 telegrams. A variety of connection options are available, including cables of various lengths and radially or axially oriented M12 connectors. Housings with bus-in/bus-out connectors are available for applications where it is convenient to connect several serial devices (bus line topology).

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New IP69K Rated Encoders and Inclinometers

POSITAL has expanded its portfolio of rotary encoders and inclinometers (tilt sensors) to include more devices with IP69K level environmental protection. Ultimately, these sensors can stand up to repeated exposure by hot, high-temperature water jets used in pressure washing systems

By supplying position and motion sensors capable of withstanding this harsh treatment, POSITAL helps OEMs and system integrators ensure that the equipment they build can meet the highest standards for reliability, maintainability and long service lives.

Rugged IXARC sensors are available with a variety of flange designs, shaft configurations and communications interfaces that make them straightforward to integrate into new or existing designs. Multi-turn models feature a self-powered rotation counter system, based on Wiegand energy-harvesting, that eliminates the need for backup batteries.

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New Precision Encoders for Safety Systems as Certified and Compliant Version

Safety certified or compliant encoders offer many advantages such as increased personnel safety, minimized risk of malfunctioning machines, and reduced development time.

IXARC safety encoders are certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) and Performance Level d (PL d), Cat. 2. They feature CANopen Safety or PROFIsafe protocols. Certified safety encoders are used for critical applications in mobile machines where loss of control could result in a serious hazard.

POSITAL also offers redundant diverse encoders which are compliant to a safety level of PL d, Cat. 3. These encoders consists of one optical and one magnetic system and are available with SSI or CANopen communication interfaces. POSITAL redundant encoders can be used in applications where safety and cost are of high importance.

• Certified SIL 2, PL d, Cat. 2: PROFINET and CANopen Encoders

• Safety Compliant PL d, Cat. 3: SSI or CANopen Encoders

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New Programmable Analog Multiturn Encoder

POSITAL has launched a new generation of analog rotary encoders for position control. Compared to earlier analog encoders, these new models feature improved accuracy, faster dynamic responses and new programming options. They also accept a wider range of supply voltages, an advantage for mobile machinery applications.

POSITAL’s analog encoders are designed for positioning tasks that use analog control systems. Outputs are either voltage (0-5V, 0.5-4,5V, 0-10V or 0.5-9.5V) or current (4-20mA). The magnetic measurement mechanism is wear-free and extremely durable so that these devices offer better accuracy, reliability and service life than conventional potentiometers.

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