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Linear Measurement Made Easy


Programmable Draw Wire Encoder

Thanks to LINARIX, linear position measurement is easy!

In the past, linear measurements were made with pinon and racks that require precise mechanical alignment. This was inconvenient as the pinon could jump and miss a tooth subsequently delivering the wrong position information.

  • Easily Scale Your Measurement Range for Analog Versions
  • Programmable Versions Done Simply via UBIFAST
  • Large Variety of Interfaces: Analog, SSI, CANopen
  • Draw Wire Adapters Available from 1 to 15 M

Easily Define the Output of your Linear Sensor

With POSITAL's LINARIX draw wires, simply press the set one button, pull the cable up to the distance you want to measure, press the set two button, and let the cable retract. This allows for anyone to simply define their own draw wire output (i.e. 0-10V at 0 to 5m or 0 to 4.252m) to match your application.

Watch this video tutorial on programming your LINARIX Analog sensor.

Programmable Parameters

Your machine and needs may evolve over the time. You may even need to redesign your application or apply new features. That’s why POSITAL has extended the functionality of the UBIFAST configuration tool. We make it easy for you to calculate linear measurement. In just a few clicks you will be able to program the following parameters. Saving you installation and calculation time!

  • Desired Measurement Range
  • Length per Revolution

UBIFAST will provide your actual linear resolution (i.e. 0.01) based on your installed products.


Our products are the result of long discussions with our customers and users. To create simple installation with precise measurement, we have joined the power of our UBIFAST configuration tool with the accuracy of LINARIX to offer you reliable products with excellent repeatability (±0.002 % Full Scale Operation)

This combination is available for Incremental, SSI and Analog output.