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Kit Configuration Tool for auto-calibration function


Plug and Play

While optical kit encoders typically require near clean-room assembly conditions, POSITAL’s magnetic encoders are significantly less sensitive to dust and moisture and can be installed in normal factory settings. An integrated auto-calibration function eliminates the need for complex production equipment: during normal product testing, the encoder can be connected to a small Kit Configuration Tool. As the shaft rotates, the auto-calibration system corrects for minor misalignment between the shaft and the electronics package. The Kit Configuration Tool can also be used to program the encoder for important performance parameters such as the number of pulses generated per revolution, without requiring any changes to the mechanical or electrical components. This increases the versatility of the kit encoders.

The embedded software on the kit encoder will also monitor the health of the electronics package and provide diagnostic signals over the lifetime of the encoder. Compact and inexpensive shielding accessories are available to protect the electronic components and Hall-effect sensors from external magnetic fields such as those generated by magnetic brakes.