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Newsletter September 2021

POSITAL’s New Catalog Has Arrived!


The updated POSITAL catalog provides a compact guide for the wide range of position and motion sensors offered. With a simplified product selection guide, choosing the right products and accessories is simple. Proven applications and a wide variety of customizable features, it’s a perfect portable resource for customers.

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  • Introducing the Latest Wiegand Technologies and Applications
  • Simplified Product Configurator
  • Application and Variation Overview for Each Product Line
  • Latest POSITAL Innovations

Multiturn Module – Zero-Maintenance Rotation Counter


The multiturn counter module is a battery-free, gear-free, and maintenance free component that combines a low resolution singleturn output with a reliable, complete rotation count. Applications include positioning tasks in actuators, machine tools, robots, packing machinery, and medical equipment. Motor manufactures can also use this component to upgrade from singleturn technology to a muliturn version.


Download the Datasheet

  • SPI Protocol for Cost Effective Integration
  • Reliable Wiegand Technology
  • Proven Smart Multiturn (40 Bit Range)
  • No Battery – No Gear

Absolute EtherCAT Encoders with Fast Cycle Times


POSITAL’s optical encoders with EtherCAT provide high-speed data transmission for positioning and speed control ensuring extremely short cycle times of up to 62 µs. The EtherCAT encoders also support cable redundancy, thus minimizing breakdown times. Firmware can be updated through standard configuration tools such as TwinCAT. Available with all common flanges and shaft sizes as well as a large variety of accessories for simple installation.

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See all our communication interfaces!

  • Diagnosis LED's for Easy Installation
  • Applications: Packing Machinery, Presses, Robotics
  • Cost Effective and Adaptable
  • Intelligent Clamps for Easy Installations

Apply POSITAL Encoders to your Packaging Applications


Packaging lines require a large range of position and motion sensors to ensure smooth operation. POSITAL has you covered with everything from easy-to-configure programmable encoders to added measuring wheels for conveyor belt and label dispensing and even thru-bore geared designs for difficult mounting-constraints. The POSITAL Product Finder and a global team of encoder experts can assist with finding the right sensors for every operation.


Measuring Wheel for Packing Solutions

  • Programmable Incremental Encoders for Flexibility
  • Pivot Arm & Spring-Loaded Mounting Fixtures Available
  • Accurate Monitoring with IXARC Rotary Encoder
  • Large Variety of Interfaces, Mechanical Designs, and Environmental Ratings

Learn How to Install a POSITAL Hollow Shaft Kit Encoder

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Installing your Hollow Shaft Kit Encoder – In four easy steps!