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Newsletter November 2021

Upgraded EtherNet/IP Interface for POSITAL Encoders


The updated EthernNet/IP communications interface helps optimize data transfer therefore minimizing downtime due to transmission delays. This improved protocol not only has advanced network management tools, it also supports a communications cap which allows installers to define the device’s IP address through a set of three rotary switches. High temperature warnings, monitored acceleration levels, and a time counter can all now be accessed through this upgrade. POSITAL’s implementation of this upgrade meets all requirements of the ODVA’s conformance testing.

Learn More about EtherNet/IP

  • Advanced Network Management Tools
  • Simplified System’s Setup
  • New Device Monitoring Capabilities
  • Optimized Data Transmission

Single-Cable Connectivity for BiSS Line Kit Encoders


The combination of single-cable connectivity and POSITAL’s cost-efficient kit encoders provides motor manufacturers and machine builders absolute position feedback for their devices in an economical and efficient way. A single-cable approach to motor connectivity reduces component count and simplifies installation procedures. By supporting both 2- and 4-wire implementations of the BiSS Line interface, POSITAL ensures compatibility with PLCs and controllers from most major manufacturers.

Datasheet: BiSS Line Kit Encoder

BiSS Interface


  • Supporting Both 2- and 4-Wire Implementations
  • Open Standard: BiSS Line, www.biss-interface.com
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Open-Source Data Offers Advanced Features Including Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Versatile POSITAL Displays for On-Site Measurements


POSITAL’s digital display units offer a cost-effective way to provide direct measurement readouts. Depending on the type of sensor, the display units can be ordered with Analog, SSI or incremental inputs. Thanks to their compact size and sturdy construction, they can be used for machine setup tasks or as a cost-effective way of monitoring machine status right on the factory floor. Limit warnings or cam-follower functionality can also be displayed.

All Digital Displays

  • Connect to Encoders, Inclinometers or Linear Sensors
  • Analog, SSI or Incremental Input
  • Digital or Analog Output
  • Easy Integration to more Complex Control Systems

UBITO Wiegand Sensors for Implantable Devices


In combination with low-frequency electromagnetic fields, UBITO’s Wiegand sensors can be used to provide energy for low power applications in environments where high frequency transmission is challenging. The Wiegand pulse can be used as an electric source to charge implantable medical devices, such as capsule endoscopes or pacemakers, using lower frequency electromagnetic waves that can be transmitted through the skin without any damage to human tissue.

Wiegand Sensors for Implantable Devices

Wiegand Sensor Flyer

  • Millions of Pulses, No Reduction in Energy
  • Consistent Energy at Low-Frequencies
  • Self-Powered Sensing
  • Pulse Energy Harvesting

Connect and Configure your POSITAL IO-Link Encoder

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A step by step tutorial video to connect and configure POSITAL IO-Link Encoder!