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Newsletter May 2022

50 Years of Bit Parallel Encoders from POSITAL


POSITAL remains committed to supplying our customers with absolute encoders with bit parallel communications interfaces. Bit Parallel encoders have always offered excellent dynamic response but often at the expense of cable size. Yet many manufacturers still have these encoders in service with a stead demand for plug-compatible replacements. POSITAL’s is known for design assemblies with interchangeable components and therefore can supply low-volume niche markets with cost-effective, yet customizable, products.

Parallel encoders are based on the company’s optical measurement technology and are available in single (up to 16-bit resolution) and multi-turn (up to 25 bit output) configurations. Output is managed by an embedded microcontroller so that a multiple coding options, including Binary, Gray and excess Gray are supported. Custom coding systems such as Petherick can be readily implemented through software. Like other POSITAL encoders, these devices are available with a wide range of options for housing material, flange design and shaft configuration (including through hollow).

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  • 50 Years of Bit Parallel Encoder Production
  • Customizable Mechanical Options
  • High Speed Communication System
  • Convenient Replacement Solutions

Encoder Down? POSITAL Can Help with SOS – Encoder!


Experiencing encoder failure during installation or operation happens occasionally. And often, we do not have time to send a sensor back for complete analysis or even time to call an expert. That is why we have compiled some expert troubleshooting tips to get your encoder back up and running. It is likely that the challenge(s) you are facing have already been encountered and solved. Our SOS Encoder Troubleshooting Guide walks you through simple steps to get your encoder back up and working.


  • Simple Troubleshooting Guide
  • Find the Root-Cause of Failure
  • Common Encoder Failures Solved
  • LED: Self-Diagnose Encoder Failure

Super Compact 27mm Encoder


POSITAL’s wide range of flange and housing solutions gets a new addition – a compact 27mm length design! This device, which is available in absolute singleturn or incremental versions, comes with a variety of communication interfaces and cable length options. Rugged, reliable and highly accurate, these devices are sure to fit in the most-limited spaces!

Incremental Compact Encoders

Absolute Compact Encoders

  • Compact Design with 27mm Length
  • Protection Class up to IP65
  • Resolution up to 16Bit (Absolute); 16,384PPR (Incremental)
  • Communication Interfaces: Analog, SSI, CANopen, Programmable HTL & TTL

LINARIX and TILTIX for AGV Handling Systems


POSITAL line of LINARIX linear sensors and TILTIX tilt sensors are the best addition to you handling system. Our linear solutions provide precise lifting position sensing. Our linear sensors also provide user defined programmability along with a wide range of mechanical options and interfaces. POSITAL tilt sensors create accurate platform leveling. Offered with compact housings, high accuracy, and a large variety of interfaces, these sensors can suit any factory floor.


  • Wide Variety of Interfaces
  • Different Mechanical Designs and Materials
  • Linear Accuracy up to 0.35 mm
  • Inclination Range: ±80° (2 Axes) or 360° (1 Axis)

Innovation in Motion Control, Energy Harvesting, and IoT

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A Brief Introduction to Innovation: POSITAL & UBITO