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Newsletter May 2021

Zone 1&21 Incremental Explosion-Proof Encoders


POSITAL’s incremental explosion-proof encoders are certified for underground mines and other locations where atmospheres have potentially dangerous levels of explosive gases or dust. A large variety of mechanical combinations along with the ability to program a variety of functions including pulse count (up to 16384 ppr), counting direction, and incremental interfaces (HTL and TTL). POSITAL also has explosion proof accessories to pair with these encoders.

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Explosion Proof Accessories

All Incremental Explosion Proof Encoders

  • Housing Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel (303 AISI and 316L AISI on request)
  • Large Variety of Mechanical Combinations Available
  • Explosion-Proof Accessories Available
  • Perfect for Applications in: Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical Plants, Milling Operations

Hard Time Finding DeviceNet Encoders? Contact POSITAL!


DeviceNet is a fieldbus system widely used in factory automation and is available on many PLCs. As the main protocol used by Allan Bradley / Rockwell, these encoders have a large installed base within a variety of systems. POSITAL makes it simple for your MRO needs with many mechanical options available for drop-in replacements.

Also offered as an interface for our inclinometers and linear sensors.

All DeviceNet Encoders

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  • Easy and Low-Cost Networking
  • Accurate Speed and Process Control
  • High IP rating (Up to IP67)
  • Available Interface for Our Inclinometers and Linear Sensors

Learn the Basics with POSITAL!


POSITAL provides a large library of information on position sensing. Everything from basic information to in-depth manuals can be found on our website and in over ten different languages! POSITAL makes it simple to find the best solution for your application.

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POSITAL’s Kit Encoder Family – An Ideal Solution for Robotic Systems


With robots becoming the norm in industrial automation, the need for precise and maintenance-free encoders is rising. POSITAL’s tailored kit encoders designs can easily be integrated into existing applications. With their batteryless revolution counting and robust designs, these encoders can ensure efficient and safe robotic systems.

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  • Absolute Position Feedback
  • Hollow Shaft Designs Available
  • Insensitive to Working Condition (Dust, Moisture, Vibration)
  • Low Maintenance

Scale Your Analog Encoder with this Simple Tutorial

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Quickly scale your IXARC Analog Encoder – no special tools or software required!