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Newsletter July 2021

POSITAL Kit Encoders are Now BiSS Certified


POSITAL's line of kit encoders is BiSS Certified! BiSS interface is an open-source, non-proprietary communication standard. The BiSS Association is now offering a certification process to ensure a efficient and smooth communications between digital devices such as servomotors and drives for industrial motion control. POSITAL’s kit encoders support both BiSS-C interfaces and allow for real-time communications with the control devices.

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  • BiSS Certified Kit Encoders Available
  • Versatile and Cost-Effective Interface Technology
  • Maintains Protocol Standards
  • Open-Source Protocol Allows Flexibility in Manufacturing

FRABA Group Is Entering New Markets


With two brands in the FRABA family, we have taken this time to update our logos to incorporate the FRABA star which symbolizes our four guiding principles. This four-pointed star embraces the company’s culture which nourishes innovation, transformation, and growth. The four points stand include Total Information, Fair Sharing, Competence, and Dynamic Development. Our newest brands, UBITO and CREDEMUS, will be active in markets such as Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things.

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  • Incorporates our Four Guiding Principles
  • UBITO : Uses our Wiegand Technology in New Markets
  • CREDEMUS : Mass Customization Manufacturing Methods

Enhancing Safety through Redundant Feedback


To help better understand which encoder works best for your safety-critical application, this white paper outlines the differences, similarities, and advantages between redundant and certified safety encoders, POSITAL’s inexpensive and flexible alternative – the diverse-redundant absolute encoder – provides a middle ground between complex duplicate encoder installations and expensive safety-certified devices.

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Easily Find the Right Diverse-Redundant Encoder for Your Application

  • Alternative for Safety-Critical Systems
  • Diverse Redundancy for Functional Safety
  • Space and Cost-Saving Encoders
  • Wide Variety of Mechanical Options

TILTIX Inclinometers for Solar Energy Systems


With energy prices rising, solar energy is quickly becoming a popular alternative to conventional resources. To get the most benefit from a solar system, solar tracker designers and operators must pay careful attention to the accuracy and the component costs that make up the system. POSITAL tilt sensors are a reliable and robust – working under hot, dusty, and windy conditions.


Solar Brochure

See all TILTIX Inclinometers With Modbus RTU

  • Optimized Orientation of the Solar Collectors
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Tough Fiber-Reinforced PBT and Heavy-Duty Die-Cast Aluminum Housings Available
  • Available with Modbus RTU communications interface

Install your Kit Encoder on a Motor

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Multiturn Absolute Kit Encoders without Batteries or Gears