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Newsletter January 2021

World's Smallest Multiturn Kit Encoder


Size matters! In world of industrial automation, providing exceptional performance in a highly compact package can be an enormous advantage. Our new POSITAL new miniature kit encoder is designed for integrated motor feedback. With a diameter of only 22 mm and a height of 23 mm, it is the world’s smallest multi-turn kit. It features a self-powered rotation counter thereby eliminating the need for backup batteries or complex gear systems. These trim encoders perfect for builders of servomotors , feedback-controlled stepper motors , micro drives, miniature robots, and other machines where high-precision position feedback is required, and space is at a premium.

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  • No Battery, No Gear - No Maintenance
  • Electrical Resolution Up To 17 bits, Multiturn Range Up To 32 bits
  • Robust Performance, High Accuracy and Easy installation with Optional Self Calibration
  • Available in BiSS C and SSI interfaces with a Preset Function
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor for Diagnostics

Rugged Dynamic Inclinometer with J1939


Our Dynamic TILTIX inclinometers provide reliable clean tilt measurement during dynamic movements. With the new J1939 interface and well-established CANopen interface, POSITAL’s tilt sensors are ideal for applications in mobile machinery applications like excavators, trucks, and the construction machinery market. These products combine electro-mechanical accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide accurate measurements, even if the instruments are subject to strong accelerations. Additional J1939 PGNs transmits angle values, gyro rotation rates, and accelerations for all axes.

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  • Compensation of External Accelerations
  • Optional Output of Acceleration and Rate of Rotation
  • Well Protected up to IP69K
  • Compact and Robust Die-cast Housing with Integrated T-Coupler
  • Wide Temperature Range from -40 to +85°C

Encoders with a Variety of Square Flanges

  • Available in Most Common 2” and 2.5” sizes
  • Replacements to Expensive or Discontinued Encoders
  • Drop-in Replacements of Versions from BEI, EPC, Fanuc, Dynapar
  • Wide Variety of Accessories for Efficient Mounting

Sensors Ideal for Food and Beverage Applications


POSITAL’s line of IXARC rotary encoders and LINARIX linear sensors support food and beverage applications. Stainless steel versions and environmentally rated versions available.

Food and Beverage Flyer

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How to Set up Your Draw Wire Sensor

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