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Newsletter February 2022

Cube Encoders: Updating an Old Industry Favorite


POSITAL’s line of cube encoders are perfect drop-in replacements for traditional designs. Without special mounts or brackets, installation is a breeze! Programmability of incremental interfaces and resolutions as well as a robust housing make these a versatile choice for new and traditional machines. The measurement module inside the cube provides high levels of accuracy and dynamic response in a rugged package that is tolerant of shock and vibration loading, dust and moisture. Identical mechanical dimensions and interfaces for traditional cube designs also make them a cost-effective replacement for older or unreliable units.

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  • Simple Installation – No Special Mounts or Brackets Needed
  • Robust Housing Tolerant of Shock and Vibration Loading
  • Programmability of Incremental Interfaces and Resolution via
  • Cost Effective Solution for Accurate Positioning
  • Easy Drop-In Replacement

Applications for Wiegand Effect Technology


UBITO's continued improvements in their Wiegand Sensors make it extremely useful. Some lesser-known applications include condition monitoring, low-frequency wireless charging, and proximity sensing. By exploiting the changing magnetic fields that are seen in magnetically coupled devices, Wiegand Sensors can provide enough energy to safely power or charge battery-powered wireless sensors.

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  • Prolonged Battery-Life for Low Power Sensors
  • Intrinsically Safe Proximity Sensing
  • Safe Charging of Implantable Medical Devices
  • Generate Signaling Even in the Absence of an External Battery

Wide Range of Solid and Hollow Shaft Options


POSITAL provides a wide range of solid shaft solutions including synchro, clamp, and square flanges. Various metric and inch diameters as well as flats and keys are also available for solid shafts. With robust options and variety of accessories, our solid shafts are an economical solution for any application.

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  • Solid shafts designed for high continuous shaft loads
    (up to 300 Newton continuous radial and axial force)
  • Variety of accessories to mount encoders in various applications
  • Blind hollow shafts and through hollow shafts available for mounting versatility

How POSITAL’s IO-Link Encoders Benefit Your Packing Applications


The packaging industry is a growing global industry. With the increasing demand for packing machinery needed to produce both the packaging materials and handle the to-be-shipped goods, POSITAL encoders with the digital sensor IO-Link interface are popular. These encoders allow for remote identification, configuration, and condition monitoring of the sensor and surrounding environment which is the foundation for preventative and predictive maintenance of your machines. Identical replacements are simple with automatic configuration thanks to the IO-Link data storage feature.

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  • Simplify Your Communications System
  • Condition Monitoring via Temperature Sensor and Vibration (coming soon)
  • Automatic Parameterization after Device Replacement
  • Simple Wiring Reducing Costs

Watch POSITAL’s Dynamic TILTIX in Action!

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POSITAL dynamic TILTIX inclinometers offer reliable tilt measurement for moving equipment.