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Newsletter February 2021

Cube Encoders: Updating an Old Industry Favorite


POSITAL’s line of cube encoders are perfect drop-in replacements for traditional designs. Without special mounts or brackets, installation is a breeze! Programmability of incremental interfaces and resolutions as well as a robust housing make these a versatile choice for new and traditional machines. The measurement module inside the cube provides high levels of accuracy and dynamic response in a rugged package that is tolerant of shock and vibration loading, dust and moisture. Identical mechanical dimensions and interfaces for traditional cube designs also make them a cost-effective replacement for older or unreliable units.

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  • Simple Installation – No Special Mounts or Brackets Needed
  • Robust Housing Tolerant of Shock and Vibration Loading
  • Programmability of Incremental Interfaces and Resolution via
  • Cost Effective Solution for Accurate Positioning
  • Easy Drop-In Replacement

Applications for Wiegand Effect Technology


POSITAL’s continued improvements in their Wiegand Sensors make it extremely useful. Some lesser-known applications include condition monitoring, low-frequency wireless charging, and proximity sensing. By exploiting the changing magnetic fields that are seen in magnetically coupled devices, Wiegand Sensors can provide enough energy to safely power or charge battery-powered wireless sensors.

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  • Prolonged Battery-Life for Low Power Sensors
  • Intrinsically Safe Proximity Sensing
  • Safe Charging of Implantable Medical Devices
  • Generate Signaling Even in the Absence of an External Battery

Precise Measurements with our Spring-Loaded Pivot Arm


Paired with our measuring wheel and IXRAC encoder, POSITAL’s spring-loaded pivot arm is optimally suited to ensure precise and reliable length measurement even during higher spring travel. The spring arm can be mounted from both sides thereby allowing for change in the direction of the spring load. The preload and resulting contact pressure and both adjustable through clamp fastening.

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 36mm

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 58mm

  • Available in Two Options –
    • 36mm Synchro Flange
    • 58mm Clamping Flange
  • Compatible with IXARC Encoders of Similar Flange Design
  • Adjustable Contact Pressure Easily Noted
  • Ideal for Factory Automation Applications

Linear CANopen Draw Wires Ideal for Material Handling


AGVs and robotic forklifts require precise measurements, especially in factory and warehouse settings. Installing POSITAL’s draw wire encoders into these vehicles ensures reliable and smooth positioning even in meticulous pick and place procedures. POSITAL’s exceptional magnetic encoder technology combined with robust draw wire adapters provide a hassle-free, cost-efficient solution for indoor or outdoor environments.

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  • CANopen Interface
  • Explosion Proof Versions Available
  • Safety Enhanced Solutions
  • Wide Range of Configurations for Different Requirements

Diverse Redundant Encoders for Functional Safety

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POSITAL’s diverse redundant absolute encoders have reliable magnetic and optical technology in one compact housing!