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Newsletter October 2023

New from UBITO – Wiegand IOT Node Kit (WINK)


UBITO’s new product WINK allows developers to explore Wiegand sensing and energy harvesting technologies through innovative battery-less environmental sensor devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). Rotational and linear mechanics of the components are customizable, and the devices are contactless, eliminating mechanical wear. The system is :

  • Battery-free
  • Wireless
  • Contactless
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Install

Wiegand Harvesters produce energy whenever there is a change in polarity of the magnetic field. All magnetic field polarity changes create certain pulses, resulting in signals with an energy output of up to 20 microjoules under ideal conditions. The node or transmitter of the sensor includes a USB wireless module and includes a temperature sensor, functioning reliably at up to 160 feet. The base or receiver is responsible for getting the signals from the node and connects to computers through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB Type-C. A sliding mechanical system is also included so users can test the system as soon as it is delivered.

Contact us at info@ubito.com to learn more or request a sample.

Incremental Encoders by POSITAL

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POSITAL encoders are a simple and cost-effective solution for providing reliable speed and position feedback.

Encoders and Accessories for Hazardous Environments


In environments with hazards such as flammable liquids, gases, or combustible dusts that are typically present in oil & gas exploration, grain and paint and other chemical production, explosion proof protection is necessary. POSITAL offers a selection of rotary encoders and inclinometers designed for these environments with varying degrees of zone and class protection ratings and certified by organizations including ATEX , IECEx, and UL rated encoders, with CCC rated encoders planned to be released soon. Along with our explosion-proof inclinometers and encoders, POSITAL also provides a wide range of explosion-proof accessories to ensure the security of your encoder products. These include blind plugs, cable glands, and draw wire adapters. For more information, visit the accessories page to find the accessory that is the right match for your product.

Learn More about Explosion Proof Encoders Here

POSITAL Encoders for Packaging Applications


Motion and position sensors can ensure correct placement of products on conveyor belts, filling forms, sealing, palletizing, as well as other packaging processes. POSITAL has solutions, offering easy-to-configure programmable encoders along with added measuring wheels for conveyor belt and label dispensing and even geared designs for difficult mounting-constraints. Our IXARC rotary encoders with Fieldbus or Ethernet interfaces can also simplify wiring and keep costs down while their stainless-steel housing is resistant to high temperatures.The POSITAL Product Finder and a global team of encoder experts can assist with finding the right sensors for every operation.


IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders

Measuring Wheel for Packing Solutions