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Newsletter May 2023

Fast-Track Your Projects with New IXARC Incremental Encoders –
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The new generation encoders from POSITAL feature new magnetic sensor technology and more energy-efficient embedded microcontrollers. While remaining mechanically and electrically compatible with earlier models, the new encoders will benefit customers by reducing power consumption – an important consideration in complex application where multiple devices are connected to the control system. The new IXARC incremental encoders make use of a TMR (tunnel magneto-resistance) sensing technology in place of the Hall-effect sensors used on previous models. TMR sensors offer higher magnetic sensitivity, creating possibilities for improved resolution. TMR sensor are also less temperature sensitive and more energy-efficient than their predecessors.

Don't miss out on this cutting-edge technology! Configure the model that fits your application in our product finder and order it today at our webshop or through one of our 200+ distributors worldwide!

  • Fully Compatible with Previous Generation
  • Reduced Power Consumption Based on New Magnetic Sensing Technology & Improved Components

Precision & Efficiency with LINARIX IO-Link Linear Sensors


Our new IO-Link linear sensors are ready for Industry 4.0, empowering your operations with seamless integration into digitalized workflows and smart factory environments.

By integrating IO-Link technology, we bring you a range of remarkable benefits. Experience magnetic multiturn sensing without the need for gears or batteries. Take advantage of the hardware I/O-pin, enabling presetting, resetting, or cam switching operations with ease. Streamline your installation process and reduce costs with simplified wiring. Our draw wires include compact or robust models and are available in a wide range of measuring lengths (1 to 15 m (3’ to 49’)).

Visit Our Product Finder and Configure the Linear Sensor That Best Fits Your Machinery

FRABA Corporate News


FRABA has achieved notable accomplishments in 2022, including an 13% revenue increase for POSITAL and the establishment of a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. While total sales revenues slightly decreased to 45 million Euros ($49 million USD) due to the sale of the VITECTOR business unit, this move has allowed us to focus resources on the motion and position sensor business (POSITAL) and our exciting developments in the new Wiegand sensor business (UBITO) . Despite supply-chain challenges, we have made significant progress towards our strategic goals, including the successful launch of our NEXTGen sensor products. With our expanding team, which now comprises 360 dedicated professionals worldwide, we are poised to meet the growing demand. The new Johor Bahru factory, employing up to 60 people, will play a vital role in high-volume production, particularly for kit encoders and Wiegand sensors, complementing our existing Polish facility optimized for 'mass customized' industrial sensors.

Wiegand Sensor Exploration Note


There are many applications which can take advantage of the unique characteristics of a Wiegand sensor. The design of the magnetic system is a key aspect to successful integration and one recommended configuration is defined in the product datasheet. However, other effective designs can also be identified which use different magnets, mechanical solutions and constraints. There are some target criteria/conditions which a successful design will need to achieve which can act as design guidelines.

Download Our Exploration Kit to Find out All the Important Criteria for a Successful Integration of Our Wiegand Sensors

NEXTGEN Incremental Encoders

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Reduced Power Consumption Based on New Magnetic Sensing Technology & Improved Components