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Newsletter April 2023

New Generation Encoders & Kit Encoders: Stay Tuned!


A few months ago, we launched our latest generation of incremental encoders. These encoders offer up to 75% lower power consumption, making it easier to connect multiple encoders to one gateway or using long cables.

But that's not all! We're excited to announce that we'll be continuing our innovations based on Wiegand technology in the coming months with the launch of our New Generation absolute encoders and kit encoders. These encoders will offer even higher resolution and more configurations than ever before, ensuring our customers have access to the latest advancements in encoder technology. Our kit encoders additionally feature an improved design for simpler installation, making them more compact, robust, and less sensitive to dust. Industrial encoders and kit encoders will all be easily programmable with our UBIFAST configuration tool.

The best part? All of our new products are 100% downward compatible, so customers can enjoy all the benefits without investing in new machinery or motors.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about our new generation products or contact our sales team for more information!

Configure Your Incremental Encoder Here

Multiturn Kit Encoders for Stepper Motors


POSITAL’s kit encoders for stepper motors are the perfect mechanical drop-in replacement as they have the same footprints as US Digital’s E5 models and Broadcom’s (Avago) HEDS-5500 models. By providing absolute position feedback, the control system always has complete information on the physical position of the mechanical components that it is directing. These absolute kit encoders also have prices much more in line with incremental devices! Therefore, system designers no longer have to work around the shortcomings of incremental feedback in an absolute position world.

Configure the Kit Encoder for Your Stepper Motor with the Help of Our Product Finder

How to Measure Position or Speed?


Do you need to measure position or speed? Are you new to position sensors? There are many types available, from inclinometers to rotary encoders and linear sensors, and each presents different characteristics to best suit specific measurements. At POSITAL we try to analyze the type of movement of your machine and what type of measurement is necessary for your control system to work.

Read More Here and Find out the Different Solutions Available for Each Type of Application

Self-powered Magnetic Sensing for Metering Applications


In metering applications, a permanent magnet can be mounted on the meter’s rotating shaft, close to a Wiegand sensor. As the shaft turns, the rotation of the magnetic field triggers abrupt polarity reversals in the Wiegand wire, inducing electric current pulses in the copper coil. As the strength and duration of each current pulse is independent of how quickly or slowly shaft rotates, Wiegand sensors provide much higher signal-to-noise ratios than other analog magnetic sensors (e.g., Hall effect sensors). This ensures that the meter’s counter circuit receives clear and unambiguous signals with each rotation of the shaft.

Download Our New Flyer about Wiegand Sensors for Metering Applications

1 Year Anniversary of Our Factory in Malaysia!

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One year ago, we opened our manufacturing facility in Johor Bahur, Malaysia! Many thanks to all who contributed to this great first year!