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EtherNet/IP Encoder Interface


Ethernet/IP was developed by ControlNet International (CI), the Industrial Ethernet Association (IEA) and the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) to be a common application-layer protocol for control systems based on Ethernet technology. Like ControlNet and DeviceNet; it is based on the CIP protocol that has become a widely accepted standard, e.g. in the automobile industry. For hard real-time applications the extended protocol CIP sync was specified. Ethernet/IP is a pure software based solution that does not require any specific ASICS. Detailed information is available under www.odva.org.

Ethernet IP Rotary Encoder

The POSITAL provides Ethernet IP encoder as single-turn or multi-turn variant up to a resolution of 16 bit per revolution. The Ethernet / IP encoders are ideally suited for factory automation because many mechanical characteristics, as well as connector and cable outlets are available. In addition also Ex protected variants are available. The encoders can be perfectly adapted by various parameters setting to the individual requirements.