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Next Generation Kit Encoders

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Want to see more of our new IXARC Kit Encoders? Here is a sneak peak!

Programmable POSITAL Encoders Updated to Support ‘Fractional PPR’


The programmable IXARC Incremental encoders deliver flexible pulse rates ranging from 0.125 to 8 PPR, catering to diverse applications. Equipped with IP66/67 protection, they excel in harsh environments, outperforming optical models in dust and moisture resistance. Key features include programmable communication interfaces, customizable mechanical options, and on-site reconfigurability via UBIFAST programming. This versatility, combined with high mechanical endurance, makes IXARC encoders a top choice for both new systems and component replacements, streamlining control system setup and maintenance.

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UBITO Enhances Metering with Wiegand Sensors


Wiegand sensors by UBITO stand out for their exceptional performance in low-power counting and metering applications. Featuring no mechanical wear, a high signal-to-noise ratio, and the ability to generate consistent energy at low frequencies, these sensors ensure accurate readings. Their ability to produce millions of pulses without energy reduction or signal degradation, even at high triggering frequencies up to 30kHz, makes them superior to other magnetic sensor technologies. With a robust global presence and a commitment to quality, UBITO is setting new standards in the application of Wiegand technology across various sectors.

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