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NEWSLETTER February 2024

Easy Configuration & Advanced Programmability with POSITAL's Measuring Wheel Encoder


Explore the newest updates in POSITAL's measuring wheel encoder set: Now available for easy selection via our Product Finder, featuring advanced programmability for precise position detection, length and speed measurement.

Utilize the advanced programmability of POSITAL’s encoders, allowing customers to achieve precise measurement tailored to their unique needs. This, alongside our innovative spring-loaded pivot arm mounting system, these updates promise superior accuracy and performance across various industrial applications, focusing on providing significant advantages like application-specific adaptations and unmatched precision.

Easy Installation of the New Generation 36mm Absolute Kit Encoders

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The new Generation of battery-free 36mm absolute multiturn Kit Encoder comes with progressive TMR technology, higher resolution as well as with an improved design and mounting concept. The installation takes place in only 4 easy steps.

Programmable LINARIX: Simple Linear Position Measurement


POSITAL’s programmable draw wire encoders simplify your linear position measurement. Not only can the user define their own draw wire output (i.e. 0-10V at 0 to 5m or 0 to 4.252m) to match their application, they can also reconfigure certain programmable parameters. Machines and needs may evolve over the time. That’s why POSITAL has extended the functionality of the UBIFAST configuration tool . In just a few clicks you will be able to program your desired measurement range and length per revolution. To create simple installation with precise measurement, we have joined the power of our UBIFAST configuration tool with the accuracy of LINARIX to offer you reliable products with excellent repeatability (±0.002 % Full Scale Operation).

More Information

UBIFAST Programmable Draw Wires

Analog Scalable Draw Wires

  • Easily Scale Your Measurement Range for Analog Versions
  • Programmable Versions Done Simply via UBIFAST
  • Large Variety of Interfaces : Analog, SSI, CANopen
  • Draw Wire Adapters Available from 1 to 15 M