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Newsletter August 2023

Spring-Loaded Pivot Arm Allows Specific Measurement


Combined with our measuring wheel and IXARC encoder, POSITAL’s spring-loaded pivot arm is ideally made to provide precise and reliable length measurement even during higher spring movement. The spring arm can be mounted from both sides of an encoder, thereby allowing for change in the direction of the spring load. Clamp fastening can be used to adjust both the preload and resulting contact pressure, which can easily be noted.

The spring arm is best suited for use with our measuring wheels from 300mm to 500mm and is compatible with IXARC encoders of similar flange design. It is also ideal for factory automation applications such as packaging and industrial robotics, where there is a lot of load and precise movement is required.

Available in Two Different Types: 36mm Synchro Flange or 58mm Clamping Flange

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 36mm

Spring Loaded Pivot Arm 58mm

Upgrade Your Servomotors with POSITAL Absolute Kit Encoders


POSITAL's Absolute Kit Encoders are a great alternative to the traditional incremental encoders used in most servomotors . The main features that make the absolute kit encoders the best option when looking for a replacement includes their rotational resolution of up to 17-bit (one part in 131,000) and a multi-turn range of up to 23-bit (over 8 million revolutions, which allows for accurate position and feedback. This is especially important in settings where precise control is essential, such as a factory or autonomous vehicle.

Replace your Incremental Encoder: Fast and Easy!


Are you having issues with finding a replacement for your broken encoder? Tired of delayed deliveries for your encoders? With POSITAL’s cross reference tool, known as ENCODERMATCH, you can instantly find a replacement for any incremental encoder. ENCODERMATCH incorporates the details of over 1.5 million incremental encoder types, including BEI, Baumer, and Sick encoders. Simply select the manufacturer and type key of the old encoder – usually found on the nameplate. Within seconds your encoder features are checked in the POSITAL database – and a replacement is shown. If there is not an exact match, ENCODERMATCH shows which specific feature is different.

Find out Why You Should Use ENCODERMATCH

Programmable parameters of your encoders can be adjusted with our UBIFAST Programming Tool

Position Sensors for Forklifts


When using a forklift to carry an object from one place to another, the major issues that you would expect to face are properly positioning the load as well as avoiding any collisions, either with other loads or machinery. Our TILTIX inclinometers and LINARIX linear sensors will help avoid both situations from happening, due to features such as

  • Various interfaces such as Analog and CANopen which simplify communication between sensors.
  • Ability of the user to program the measurements for distance.

Learn More Here

How to Connect and Configure your POSITAL IO-Link Encoder

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Enjoy lower downtime and faster operating times by properly connecting and configuring your IO-Link encoder.