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Magnetic Sensing with Wiegand

Wiegand Sensors

Consistent Self-powered Magnetic Sensing

The unique material properties of the Wiegand wire in POSITAL’s Wiegand sensors mean that consistent pulses are produced with each inversion of external field polarity. The energy produced is consistent regardless of the frequency or speed of the field change, and requires no external power. This makes them the perfect magnetic sensors for low-power and energy-saving applications

Linear Motion


Detection of linear motion can be used for proximity/position sensing (e.g. open/close sensing on doors, lateral position sensing etc.)

Proximity Sensing


The proximity/movement of Ferromagnetic materials can be sensed (e.g. rotating bodies, reciprocal motion etc.)

Rotary Motion


Detection of rotary motion can be used for rotation counting/positioning (e.g. flow metering, tachometers etc.)

Applications for Pulse Generation

As a reliable source of consistently timed pulses, POSITAL Wiegand sensors are effectively implemented in industrial and commercial flow-metering applications (e.g. water and gas), and also to calculate rotation speed in tachometers (e.g. high-speed trains).

With the growth of Industry 4.0 and the need for remote IoT sensors, POSITAL’s next product portfolio expansion will include Wiegand sensors capable of producing enough energy to power wireless communication and even other sensing technologies.