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POSITAL's Position and Motion Sensors


General Definition

A position sensor (also known as a motion sensor) is used to precisely determine the physical position and / or speed of the assembly attached to it at a specific and particular time. This information is then transmitted to a computer which will use it for system control or operations control purposes.

The physical position can take several forms: it can be the location of the system in the environment, or its state with respect to an axis (rotation or inclination).

The speed is obtained simply by deriving this position with respect to time.

Sensor Performance and Different Variations of Position Sensors

Sensors can be classified by using several different catagories. The most commonly used are:

Accuracy Corresponds to the smallest variation that the sensor can detect (degree, μm).
Reliability Corresponds to the average variation between two consecutive measurements.
Resistance to Environmental Conditions Typically temperature, humidity, dust and shock, corrosion, speed.
See IP ratings.
Base Technology Magnetic or optical, for example.
See the difference here .
Communication Interface There are more than ten.
See complete list here.
Resolution Is measured in bits. Generally between 8 and 16. This corresponds to the number of divisions for a unit of measure (e.g. 13 bits = 8,192 divisions for 360 °).
Measuring Range Measurement length or maximum angle of inclination.
Mechanical Design Different coupling options, flanges, etc.
Connection The output connection can be made with a cable or through connectors (male / female).

POSITAL's Sensor Portfolio

High Precision Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoders


The IXARC line of rotary encoders provide precise and reliable measurement of the angular positions of joints, drive shafts, pulleys, etc... available electronic connections range from simple analog outputs to sophisticated Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Absolute Encoder vs Incremental Encoder

Learn More about Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoders

Magnetic Kit Encoders


POSITAL‘s kit encoders offer a unique combination of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency. Absolute measurement versions provide 17 bit resolution and multiturn position measurements with a range of more than one million revolutions.

Learn More

Compact Industrial TILTIX Inclinometers


Accurate measurement of tilt or inclination is very important for motion control and safety systems. Inclinometers provide single or dual-axis angle measurement in an economical package.

Learn More

Versatile LINARIX Linear Sensors


Many applications require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety. With lengths ranging from 1 m to 15 m [3 to 49 ft], LINARIX draw wire sensors are available in many configurations to meet an application’s requirements.

Learn More

What Are the Applications of Position Sensors?


Position and motion sensors are used in almost all areas! Indeed, whether it is for safety, efficiency or control of production reasons, it is often necessary to know the state of a system in order to be able to decide the actions to be carried out.

In many cases, sensors are used in servo loops. Again, the automation field is part of multiple areas ranging from machine tool to engines and production machinery.

Although it would be complicated and bold to draw up an exhaustive list of the concerned industries and domains, you can visit the list of fields and industries that POSITAL already encountered through its multiple and various projects.


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POSITAL is a manufacturer of sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. The company’s products, which include rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors, are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA Group. FRABA Group is a market-leading enterprise that makes use of advanced product design and manufacturing process to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of technology leadership, choice, product quality and competitive prices. FRABA group is also an innovator in product design and manufacturing processes and a pioneer of Industry 4.0.

POSITAL has a global reach with subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia – and sales and distribution partners around the world. Products are manufactured in advanced production facilities. The computer-guided semi-automated production system tracks each device from order, through assembly and testing, to final delivery.

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