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LINARIX Linear Sensor


POSITAL Measuring Tools & Sensors IP64 / IP65, Draw Wire - 3 m – 6.9 m (9.84' – 22.63'), SSI / SSI + Incremental - Binary, 16 bit (65536 Steps), Draw Wire Enclosure - Extruded Metal, Cable - Radial 10 m, Radial 6, Magnetic (≤ 0.09°) Available 0
General Data
General Data
Supply Voltage4.5 – 30 VDC
Power Consumption≤ 1.0 W
Turn On Time< 1 s
Operating Temperature-20 °C (-4 °F) - +80 °C (+176 °F)
Weight1815 g (4.00 lb)
Protection Class (Encoder)IP64 / IP65
EMC: Emitted InterferenceDIN EN 61000-6-4
EMC: Noise ImmunityDIN EN 61000-6-2
Mechanical Data
Max. Measurement Length5.00 m (16.40')
Length per Revolution315 mm
Wire MaterialCoated Polyamide Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter1.00 mm
Encoder Housing MaterialSteel
Draw Wire Housing MaterialAluminum
Max. Speed of Wire Displacement2.0 m / s
Max. Wire Acceleration5.0 g
Max. Extension Force16.0 N
Min. Retraction Force4.0 N
Actuation Lifetime0.5 mio Cycles (Estimated based on ideal conditions)
Wire MountingEyelet
Max. Wire Exit Angle±3°
Sensor Data
TechnologyMagnetic (≤ 0.09°)
Accuracy±0.02 % FSO
Repeatability±0.002 % FSO
Resolution [Encoder - Singleturn]16 bit
Resolution [Encoder - Multiturn]12 bit
Approx. Linear Resolution4.8 µm (theoretical), limited by mechanics
Output CodeBinary
Communication InterfaceSSI with Preset
Manual FunctionsPreset + complement via cable or connector
Cycle Time Interface≥ 25 µs
Output DriverRS422
Current ConsumptionTypical 50 mA
Clock InputRS 422, via Optocoupler
Clock frequency100 kHz – 2 MHz
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
MTTF350 years @ 40 °C
Electrical Connection
Connection OrientationRadial
Connection Orientation (w.r.t Draw Wire)Radial 6
Cable Length10 m [394"]
Wire Cross Section0.14 mm² / AWG 26
Material / TypePVC
Cable Diameter6 mm (0.24 in)
Minimum Bend Radius46 mm (1.81") fixed, 61 mm (2.4") flexing
Product Life Cycle
Product Life CycleEstablished
Connection Plan
Power SupplyBrown
Dimensional Drawing
2D Drawing

All dimension in [inch] mm. Encoder dimensions may vary depending on electrical interface and connector. This drawing and the information contained is for general presentation purposes only. Please refer to the "Download" section for detailed technical drawings.

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