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First Hollow Shaft Kit with a Battery-free Multiturn

  • Battery-free Rotation Counter Based on Energy-Harvesting Technology
  • Hollow Bearingless Center Design for Optimal Mechanical Layout on Robotic Joints and Drives
  • Shafts 30 mm or 50 mm Internal Diameter Sizes Available
  • Capacitive Measurement System Allows for High Accuracy Even in Harsh Environments
  • Non-Proprietary Interfaces of SSI and BiSS C Standards
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance

Battery-free Multiturn Counter – Energy-Harvesting Wiegand Sensor

For multi-turn models, the rotation counter is self-powered, using POSITAL’s Wiegand energy-harvesting technology. This eliminates the need for backup batteries and lowers maintenance costs.

  • No external power required – No batteries
  • Longer lifespan
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Non contact measurement – No mechanical wear

Absolute Singleturn Position - Capacitive Measurement Technology

Each encoder has two principle components, a stator and rotor, both containing specially shaped conductive surfaces. These surfaces, which function as capacitor plates, are positioned in close proximity. As the rotor turns, the patterns of the conductive surfaces change their relative position, causing changes to capacitive coupling in the system. This in turn causes changes to the amplitude and phase angle of a high-frequency electrical signal generated by exciter circuits in the stator. Special ASIC devices capture and decode these signal variations to determine the rotor’s angular position to a high level of precision.

Read more on the technology here

  • Singleturn resolution 18 Bit (30mm) / 19 Bit (50mm)
  • Accuracy ± 0,02°
  • Dynamic responce (up to 6000 RPM)
  • Applicable in ctritical motion control systems

Ideal choice in space-limited situations, such as servomotors, stepper motors or the joints in robotic arms, where it is desirable to have an embedded position sensor fitting around a central shaft or axle.

The three-step installation of the kit is easy to perform. No calibration is required.

How to Install Your POSITAL Hollow Kit Encoder