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Mounting Fixtures

Mounting Fixtures

Mounting Fixtures

Mounting Fixtures
  • Couplings
  • Reducing Adapters
  • Adapter Flanges for Precise Installation
  • Clamp Discs for Mounting the Clamp Flanges
  • Torque Support for Hollow Shaft Encoders



Couplings are used to attach the encoder shaft to the machines’ moving shaft. A wide variety of flexible Disc Couplings, Bellow Couplings and Jaw couplings with various combinations from diameter 6mm to 10mm are available.

Reducing Adapters

Reducing adapters when used in combination with hollow shaft encoders, enable the reduction in diameter of the hollow shaft. POSITAL provides some of the most commonly used shaft reducing adapters ranging from 6mm to 15mm.

Adapter Flanges

Adapter flanges are generally used with POSITAL encoders to exactly fit into the customers’ installation or control cabinet. A new set of commonly used adapter flanges will be released soon.

Clamp Discs

Clamp discs are used to secure the clamp flange of the encoder to the customers’ installation cabinet. POSITAL provides both concentric and eccentric clamp discs to facilitate the same.

Torque Support

POSITAL provides torque support sets comprising of tethers, clamping discs and mounting screws. These are generally used to anchor the hollow shaft encoder to the customers’ system and prevent it from rotating along with the driving shaft.


A new set of tools and mounting accessories like Allen-Keys, screws and washers for mounting POSITAL encoders will be released soon.