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Multiple draw wire adapter models are available for use in diverse applications. For ease of use, the draw wire adapters can be easily mounted with industry standard 36mm and 58mm synchro-style flanges. All draw wire adapters use a stainless steel measuring wire. A short description of the different models is detailed below and datasheets are available under the Downloads tab.

  Name Max. Measurement Length Draw Wire Enclosure
wds1740 Draw-Wire-WDS-1900-Z60-M(07) 1.90m Machined Metal - Cylindrical Housing
sl_x1_1 Draw-Wire-SL3002/GS80X1-2000 2m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
picture_draw_wire_wps_2400_mk60_m_small Draw-Wire-WPS-2400-MK60-M 2.40m Plastic
wds_3m Draw-Wire-WDS-3000-P96-M 3m Extruded Metal
sl_x1_1 Draw-Wire-SL3003/GS80X1-3000 3m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
sg31 Draw-Wire-SG31-3000 3m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
wds_5m Draw-Wire-WDS-5000-P115-M 5m Extruded Metal
sl_x1_1 Draw-Wire-SL3005/GS130X1-5000 5m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
sg60_1 Draw-Wire-SG61-6000 6m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
picture_draw_wire_wps_7500_mk120_m_small Draw-Wire-WPS-7500-MK120-M 7.50m Plastic
sl_x1_1 Draw-Wire-SL3010/GS130X1-10000 10m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing
wds_10m Draw-Wire-WDS-10000-P115-M 10m Extruded Metal
wds_10m Draw-Wire-WDS-15000-P115-M 15m Extruded Metal
sl_x1_1 Draw-Wire-SL3015/GS130X1-15000 15m Machined Metal - Rectangular Housing

Draw Wire Accessories

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