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Couplings are used to attach the encoder shaft to the machines’ moving shaft. A wide variety of flexible Disc Couplings, Bellow Couplings and Jaw couplings with various combinations from diameter 6mm to 10mm are available.

Bellow Coupling

Bellow Couplings are ideally used in applications where the coupling may need to withstand high torsion stiffness and/or a low mass moment of inertia. These couplings also behave well with axial, radial and angular displacements because of their flexible design.

  Name Coupling Type Hub 1 Diameter - Hub 2 Diameter
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-06-06 Bellow Coupling 6mm - 6mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-10-10 Bellow Coupling 10mm - 10mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-06-10 Bellow Coupling 6mm - 10mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-06-08 Bellow Coupling 6mm - 8mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-08-10 Bellow Coupling 8mm - 10mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-10-12 Bellow Coupling 10mm - 12mm
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-10-(1/4") Bellow Coupling 10mm - 1/4"
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-10-(3/8") Bellow Coupling 10mm - 3/8"
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-06-(3/8") Bellow Coupling 6mm - 3/8"
coupling_bellow_type_06_06 Coupling Bellow Type-06-(1/4") Bellow Coupling 6mm - 1/4"

Jaw couplings

Jaw couplings are very simple couplings very commonly used in the industrial automation industry. It is a 3 part coupling, consisting of a spider, and 2 coupling hubs with the holes to secure the shaft. They are plugged in axially and the coupling is backlash free under pre-stress. Since it is mounted under pre-stress these results in smaller surface pressures and consequently higher stiffness of the coupling.

  Name Coupling Type Hub 1 Diameter - Hub 2 Diameter
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-06 Jaw Coupling 6mm - 6mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-10 Jaw Coupling 6mm - 10mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-08 Jaw Coupling 6mm - 8mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-08-10 Jaw Coupling 8mm - 10mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-12 Jaw Coupling 6mm - 12mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-10-12 Jaw Coupling 10mm - 12mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-10-(1/4") Jaw Coupling 10mm - 1/4"
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-10-(3/8") Jaw Coupling 10mm - 3/8"
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-(1/4") Jaw Coupling 6mm - 1/4"
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-06-(3/8") Jaw Coupling 6mm - 3/8"
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-10-10 Jaw Coupling 10mm - 10mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-12-12 Jaw Coupling 12mm - 12mm
coupling_jaw_type_06_06 Coupling Jaw Type-12-3/8" Jaw Coupling 12mm - 3/8"

Disc Coupling

Disc Couplings are generally used for high speed and high performance applications. These couplings are designed to be flexible so as to handle high torque loads and also support shaft misalignment.

Double Loop

Double loop couplings with stainless steel hubs provide good flexibility and can equalize large axial, radial and angular offsets. Additionally, they provide excellent thermal and electrical isolation making it an ideal choice for heavy duty applications.