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Stator Coupling 1T63

10043016- Stator Coupling 1T63

POSITAL Accessories 10043016- Stator Coupling 1T63, Includes 1x Stator Coupling, 4x M3 Screws, 4x Rollers Available 0
General Data
IntroPOSITAL provides torque support sets comprising of tethers, mounting screws, spacers or washers. These are generally used to anchor the hollow shaft encoder to the customers’ system and prevent it from rotating along with the driving shaft
Flange TypeThrough Hollow, ø58mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Compatible Flange Options-Txxx-
Bolt Circle Diameterø 63 mm (ø 2.48")
Tightening Torque0.6 - 0.8Nm
NotesIncludes 1x Stator Coupling, 4x M3 Screws, 4x Rollers

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