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POSITAL Accessories 10048500-Draw-Wire-WDS-1900-Z60-M(07), Available 0
General Data
IntroDraw Wires or Cable Pull adapters when combined with encoders enable to measure the linear position accurately and also communicate the position over the interface of your choice. All POSITAL draw wire adapters use a stainless steel measuring wire
Flange TypeSynchro - Solid Shaft
Flange Diameter58 mm
Accuracy±0.02 % FSO
Repeatability±0.006 % FSO
Measurement Length1.90 m (6.23')
Draw Wire EnclosureDraw Wire Enclosure#Machined Metal#Cylindrical Housing
Draw Wire Housing MaterialAluminum
Wire MaterialCoated Polyamide Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter0.45 mm
Length per Revolution150 mm
Max. Speed of Wire Displacement2.0 m / s
Max Extension Force5.0 N
Max. Angular Acceleration12.0 g
Min Retraction Force3.5 N
Wire MountingEyelet
Shaft Diameter6 mm
Max. Wire Exit Angle±3°
Mechanical Data
Operating Temperature-20°C to 80°C / -4°F to 176°F
Weight200 g

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