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Coupling Bellow Type-06-(3/8in)

10017244 - Coupling Bellow Type-06-(3/8")

POSITAL Accessories 10017244 - Coupling Bellow Type-06-(3/8"), Available 0
General Data
IntroIdeally used in applications where the coupling may need to withstand high torsion stiffness and/or a low mass moment of inertia. These couplings also behave well with axial, radial and angular displacements because of their flexible design
Coupling TypeBellow Coupling
Ød1 (Hub 1 Diameter)6 mm
Ød2 (Hub 2 Diameter)3/8"
Hub/ Flange MaterialAluminium
Spider / Disc Membrane / Bellow MaterialStainless Steel
Coupling Max. Operation Speed12000 RPM
Coupling Mass Moment of Inertia0.02 kgcm2
Clamping Torque Max2.3 Nm
Torsion Spring Stiffness994 Nm/rad
Shaft Offset (max. Axial)± 1 mm
Shaft Offset (max. Radial)± 0.2 mm
Shaft Offset (max. Angular)± 2°
Mechanical Data
Operating Temperature-40°C to 200°C / -40°F to 392°F
Weight30 g

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