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No Software, No App, No Installations

POSITAL is introducing powerful new programming capabilities and tools for their IXARC series of rotary encoders. Programmable incremental encoders have proven to be popular over the past several years since the measurement characteristics of the device (number of pulses per rotation, output level, etc.) can be modified through a software update without requiring any changes to physical components.

Now however, the engineers at POSITAL have taken the programmability concept to a whole new level with the new generation of IXARC programmable rotary encoders.

  • Incremental and absolute encoder functions on a common hardware platform
  • Wide range of mechanical configurations and connector types – literally thousands of models are offered
  • Professional configuration management over the whole lifecycle
  • Compact 36 mm versions – small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Very compact UBIFAST Configuration box creating WiFi Hotspot
  • No software installation − Configuration using any WiFi enabled device
  • Parameters to program: PPR, resolution, number of turns, direction

Simple Programming

UBIFAST configuration tool

With the new capabilities, the encoders’ performance characteristics can be extensively modified through software changes, without requiring any changes to physical components. In a related development, POSITAL is introducing the UBIFAST configuration tool, a hardware module that can be easily connected to programmable encoders through accessory cables. The UBIFAST tool features a built-in WiFi hotspot and webserver. Once the tool has been powered up, any WiFi-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer can connect to the WiFi hotspot and the configuration interface will automatically open up in a standard web browser window – no app, no software installation, and no Internet connection are required. POSITAL also presents an Internet-enabled configuration management system for IXARC programmable encoders. Whenever a device is reconfigured, the operator has the option of registering the changes with POSITAL through an automatic email interface.

Read More About POSITAL's UBIFAST Configuration Tool

Configurable Parameters

The following encoder types are programmable through the UBIFAST tool:

  • Incremental interface only (UCD-IP...)
  • SSI multiturn (UCD-S101P-PPPP...)
  • SSI singleturn + Incremental (UCD-SxPPP-00PP...)
  • SSI Multiturn + Incremental (UCD-SxPPP-PPPP...)
  • Analog Voltage (UCD-AxPxx-PPPP...)

Some of the absolute encoder parameters that can be selected:

  • Singleturn resolution
  • Multiturn range
  • Code (Gray or Binary)
  • Code sequence (clockwise or counter-clockwise increasing)

The resolution of incremental encoder signals can be adjusted in the range of 1 to 16384 PPR (65536 Quadrature).

Refer to the individual product datasheet to find what parameters are possible to be programmed.

Large Variety of Hardware Options − Easy To Select

POSITAL’s programmable encoder are available in a very large variety of mechanical configurations, including 36, 42 and 58 mm flanges and a variety of shaft types: clamp, blind hollow, square or syncro flange.

POSITAL's online product finder tool helps you to quickly and efficiently identify your product.

Absolute Programmable Encoders

Incremental Programmable Encoders

How to Program a POSITAL Encoder with the UBIFAST Configuration Tool

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