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Protection Class

In the world of sensor technology, ensuring the robustness and dependability of sensors across diverse operational settings is of utmost importance. This is why POSITAL offers a comprehensive range of Incremental and Absolute Encoders, Inclinometers, and Linear Sensors, all fortified with IP protection. This exceptional feature renders our sensor solutions impeccably suited for specialized environments, including but not limited to Material Handling, Mobile Machines, Oil & Gas, Industrial Valves, and Food & Beverages sectors.

Our product line boasts an array of distinct protection classes, allowing you to precisely tailor the safeguarding measures for your machinery. For instance, our encoders are available in resilient aluminum constructions with protection classes spanning from IP54 to IP65. Moreover, for applications demanding even more robust protection, our stainless steel variants offer shielding capabilities reaching up to the formidable IP69K standard.

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The IP (Ingress Protection) rating system is published by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and classifies the degree of protection that the enclosure provides against solid objects and liquids in order to operate the enclosed electrical equipment.

ip_xx icon_1 Protection Against Solid Objects

icon_2 Protection Against Liquids
icon_1 Protection Against Solid Objects
0 No Protection
1 Protected Against Solid Objects Bigger than 50mm e.g. Hands
2 Protected Against Solid Objects Bigger than 12 mm, e.g. Persons Fingers
3 Protected Against Solid Objects Bigger than 2.5 mm e.g. Tools, Thick Wires
4 Protected Against Solid Objects Bigger than 1 mm e.g. Wires, Screws
5 Protected Against Dust Limited Ingress (no Harmful Deposit)
6 Totally Protected Against Dust
icon_2 Protection Against Liquids
0 No Protection
1 Protection Against Vertically Falling Dripping Water
2 Protection Against Dripping Water up to 15° from Vertical
3 Protected Against Direct Sprays of Water up to 60° from Vertical
4 Protected Against Water Splashing from any Direction
5 Protected Against Low Pressure Water Jets from any Direction
6 Protected Against High Pressure Water Jets from any Direction
7 Protected Against Immersion up to 1 m
8 Protected Against Long Periods of Immersion under Pressure



IP69K is a rating of the German standard DIN 40050-9 extending the IEC 60529 rating system described above. IP69K is developed for areas where extra protection is needed against high-pressure and high-temperature. Typical applications that require this rating are mobile machinery and food industry where equipment is cleaned intensively with high pressure or steaming water.

Comparing NEMA and IP Enclosure Ratings

This is a cross reference for comparing NEMA and IP enclosure ratings. This comparison is only approximate, and it is the responsibility of the user to verify the enclosure rating necessary for the given application.