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Solid Shafts with Synchro, Clamp & Square Flanges


POSITAL provides a wide range of solid shaft solutions including synchro, clamp, and square flanges. Various metric and inch diameters as well as flats and keys are also available for solid shafts.

POSITAL FRABA encoders' mechanics are designed for high continuous shaft loads (up to 300 Newton continuous radial and axial force) which makes them very robust and offers an extended lifetime.


  • Economical for any application
  • Many shaft options makes it easy to customize to your application
  • Couplings are available to match a large range of alignment errors
  • Couplings and shafted encoders best absorb shock and vibration

Clamp Flanges


Clamp flanges are the most versatile in assembly (i.e. clamping, use of front tapped holes, clamping discs). Clamp flanges can be installed in a variety of ways including flange adapters and mounting brackets. These typically have higher shaft loads available for applications.

Find an array of mounting brackets , including spring loaded ones for measuring wheels and couplings.

Square Flanges


Square flanges are the most common flanges in the US and are extremely efficient to mount. These square flanges are offered in the common 2" and 2.5" sizes with several shaft options.

See our assortment of couplings.

Blind Hollow Shafts


POSITAL offers blind hollow shaft flanges (aka hub shafts) for a wide range of shaft diameters. With a blind hollow flange design, the shaft does not pass completely through the encoder but rather resides inside the housing therefore clamping rings and set screws are used to mount the encoder on the shaft. Various anti-rotation tether options allow easy assembly to any motor or machine frame.



  • No elastic coupling required
  • Reduces total axial length compared to a shafted encoder
  • Versatility in mounting
  • Better environmental protection than thru-shaft units

Through Hollow Shafts


Through Hollow options are also available through POSITAL's portfolio. With this kind of design, the shaft completely passes through the body of the encoder.



  • Least axial length required
  • Can be fixed on any point of the shaft
  • Shaft still accessible to attach a fan wheel, hand crank, etc.